Tekken 7 In-Depth Gameplay and Storyline Explained!

Developer Bandai Namco Entertainment has the number of impressive developments in the past, and you can find out so many reasons to love their games. Among all of them, the Tekken series has a well-liked name, and it is played around the world by millions of gamers. Among all the installments, Tekken 7 took over the fighting genre due to its gameplay.

There is a range of factors that you are definitely going to love about this game, and among all of them, visuals and graphical performance is pretty interesting. This game look a lot more realistic, and it is working on the Namco System ES3 arcade system. There is a number of characters to choose from, and each one has their own abilities.

Among all the characters, you can find out the favorite one and try out playing with the same for hours. Apparently, there are many other things that can impress you toward the gameplay. If you are willing to try out this game, then the below mentioned are a couple of things that you will love about the gameplay.

The Gameplay of Tekken 7

This time, Bandai Namco Entertainment is offering an outstanding fighting game with similar mechanics but a slight change in the graphical performance. You can find that the fights are much more real, and they can grab your attention with ease.

The plotting is done around new bases, and there is a short storyline to create an emotional connection with characters. It still lacks a proper story mode, but the gameplay got everything for you.

The vivid maps with enemies to fight is the primary thing that you can find out here. The second most important thing is, each character possesses unique skills. Each one unleashes skills based on the looks, muscles, and a few more factors.

While playing with a character, you can find that combination of keys have different abilities and opt for power moves. These deadliest moves consuming more power of opponent and going for a K.O. Seem like an easy thing, and this is the reason that you will love it.

Moreover, if you are not feeling any kind of emotional connection with this game, then you have other things that will make you love the game. Well, we are talking about the modes. During our first try, our impression of the game was mind-boggling.

We are pretty much sure that all the gamers who have tried the previous versions will love this installment also. All the modes are creating a unique storyline, and you can try out each mode to explore more into a single game.

Modes to Try Out

All the versions of Tekken had unique modes, but they were limited. But, you can find out that there is an extra number of modes that you are going to love in most of the cases. After trying out this game, we loved the multiplayer fight mode. Like/dislike is totally a subjective part, but if you try this game, you can find that the below mentioned are some crazy modes to try out. Let’s have a look –

Ranked Matches Online

In this mode, you can find that there are standard fights that allow you to achieve a ranking and creating a score. Gaining rank by victory seems easy, but after every fight, this game keeps on getting harder. The victory chances are totally different in this mode, and you can’t find this mechanism in a ranked mode in the previous installments of Tekken. Here, you are also getting promotion in matches after winning.

Player Matches

Well, Player Matches are similar to ranked matches, and you are battling with other gamers online. But, there is nothing like ranking, and you don’t have to worry about any kind of leaderboard this time. You are battling against the players in lobbies, and you are doing these as quick matches. You can search for open sessions online according to the type, and you are good to go now. This is quite a popular choice, and most of the gamers are loving this mode.

Tournament Matches

No doubt that Tournaments are fun, and in this online tournament, you are battling against people around the world and earning a score. This score takes you above in the list, and the progression is all dependent on how much victories you get. It might take a little time to cut through the competition, but this mode is fun, and you are playing against real gamers. You won’t find any chance of mercy as you can do it with the CPU mode. This time, you have to be serious if you want to win, and it can take lots of effort to take over.

All the modes mentioned above are online ones, and these are mainly to play online. On the other hand, you can find out more than five offline modes which are totally unique, and you are most likely to love those modes. They are fun to play, and you have so many things to explore. Most of the gamers are loving such modes; that’s why you can also try them and become an intense gamer.

Important Tips

Gamers who are trying hard to progress and win can follow the basic tips that can help you become a master. Let’s have a look at some of the essential tips –

  • Build your Defense –

In any game, defense always plays an important role, and if you want to be the best gamer, then it is important that you must take a close look at the enhancement of defense. It is easy to master the defense by knowing the right time to press the block button. When the opponent is coming, and you don’t know what kind of move he got for you, then try to ignore by moving inside directions. But, if you know the move, then dodge and attack. This will be a better and highly reliable choice to go after.

  • Throw Items –

Unlike the previous installments of Tekken, there are so many new things into the game, and you can use them to throw on the opponent. It might be hard to find the right time between a fight, but after a while, you can learn how to take over the opponent by this method. It might be hard in the beginning, but you can master this art of throwing things and going after a K.O. in an easier manner.

  • Combo and Juggle –

If you use combos on the opponent, then chances of letting him gain power reduce, but if you are able to juggle, then the opponent is gone. There is no way that an opponent can take over you. This will come as a reliable choice, and you can follow this tip to become a master.


By following these tips, you can master this game and become an advanced gamer of Tekken 7. There is no doubt that this game is pretty intense, and if you are playing it for a while, then you can figure out that why we loved playing this game where combo attack and juggle is a fun movie. You can easily take over the opponent and harness skills by trying out the online modes.

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