Sleeping Dogs Gameplay Overview, Features and Tips offered!

In the category of best action-adventure games, Sleeping Dogs from United Front Games is quite a famous AAA title which is published by Square Enix studios. This video game is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and MacOS. Developed launched this single-player title back in August of 2012.

Till now, it is a well-liked game to try with an intense number of missions, advanced features and unique mechanics to enhance the overall gameplay. You are most likely to enjoy the graphical interface and design. The storyline is plotted in contemporary Hong Kong, and it follows a man named Wei Shen. He is an undercover Chinese-American police officer.

He is in Hong Kong to infiltrate Sun On Yee Triad, an organization. The whole gameplay is based on the fight of the main character, shooting and parkouring from the buildings. No doubt that Wei Shen has a number of great abilities and you can utilize them to walk through situations as well as fighting with the organizations.

There are some intense missions requires you to focus on optimizing the skills you have, taking over the organization and being able to get rid of all the issues with ease. Apparently, you have weapons to use, and the wide maps contain numerous add-ons that can enhance the overall gameplay and they can make you play this game in a better manner.

You need to earn a reward at the same time, and it can be done by fighting and taking over the enemy. Driving and racing in perfect manner also provide you points which automatically adds up into your reward and you can lately use them to enhance skills. Meanwhile, this is an open-world game so you can roam in the town instead of looking after the missions.

In-Depth Look at Gameplay

As this game is plotted in an open-world environment and you are playing it from a third-person perspective, you have plenty of controls. From controlling your character, Wei Shen, to drive vehicles, shooting enemies and a lot more. You are going to love the gameplay due to this.

Getting more into the gameplay, you have initial missions in this game, and they are linear with some tutorials to enhance the control over the character. Once you are done with missions, the character is free to explore the town and roam around in this open-world map. There are side missions to participate, and they provide a number of activities to explore.

He can navigate the world by running, jumping, driving, climbing, swimming and more. To take over obstacles, he can use a weapon, and it will be an effective option to enjoy the gameplay. More than that, there are cars, boats and motorcycles to drive. There is a map interface on the top which indicate your position.

Even, it also helps to indicate target and key locations during the missions. You can find safe houses and contact points on the map for better gameplay which can ease up the work while playing this game. The enhanced combat abilities are making this game quite interactive to play and reduce equipment costs.

You have a wide range of weapons to explore, and when you do something that comes in an important activity list, then you earn experience point. There are several types of it, and the primary is triad experience which can be obtained by combat and violent missions. You can find environmental kills in this list.

Face XP is the second type, and all the civilian side missions fall into this category. It is filling the Shen’s face meter and it is also unlocking cosmetic items for him. You can get clothes as well as a vehicle with this type of experience. When you reach higher face level, your character can get whatever vehicle he wants.

The last type is police XP, and it can be obtained with the civilian casualties as well as by property damage missions. When you are completing police side missions, you earn XP which help to unlock better abilities such as hot-wiring cars, opponent disarming and more. It can easily enhance the experience you are getting while playing this game.

Important Tips

After learning about such intense missions in this game, the primary question which hit in mind is about the difficulty of the game. Well, if you know the basics and you prefer a slow progression, then it seem like an easy job. But, if you check out the crucial tips in advance then things can get easier here. Let’s have a look at few important tips for a kick-start –

  • Attack First

In this game, you can get an opportunity to attack on your enemies first, and you must not skip it. Sometimes gamers wait for the opponent to attack first but are not a wise decision because they get advantages and they can come close to you.

  • Variety of Attacks

To earn a higher amount of experience points, you need to opt for a variety of attacks and combos. This will help you obtain extra experience, and it will come in handy to unlock better stuff as well as abilities. You can get a better vehicle by this method.

  • Environmental Attacks

No doubt that environmental attacks are good enough to take over the enemy but make sure that you do not use it all the time. The opponent can observe your movements, and they have the opportunity to kill and take over with ease.

  • Maintain Gap from Grapplers

When attacking grappler, you need to select with the angle and distance. Due to the serious amount of damage, you go for an elevated zone or try staying at a far range to avoid any kind of issue.


Based on the gameplay and features of Sleeping Dogs, it is a pretty intense game with interactive gameplay and lots of features which can make you love it over any other AAA title in the same category. We hope that this guide will help you learn more about sleeping dogs and important tips.

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