Battlefield 5 Overview, Gameplay, Storyline and Game Modes!

Battlefield series is a development of EA Dice with plenty of installments in same. Among all of the Battlefield 5 is a remarkable development with a range of unique features, and you are going to love this game based on all the things offered by developers.

It is the sixth instalment, and it was released all around the world for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows on November 20, 2018. Every gamer who has pre-ordered it will enjoy the deluxe version of the same. This pre-order version came out on November 15, right five days ago from the official date of release. This game is completely based on the WW II (world war II) as well as it has thermotic continuation about World War I.

Apart from the intense gameplay, the deluxe version also contains the reception of mixed and announcement trailer causing backlash. Just after the release, the reviews were totally favorable, and till this date of writing this post, the reviews are slightly mixed, yet more in the positive category.

The reason to praise this game is its gameplay, but the only issue that you might find is a shortage of content during the launch, and it shows a lack of innovation in such an intense game. Till the end of 2018, the publisher sold around 7.3 million copies of the same. It was still a commercial disappointment for EA even after such a remarkable sale.

Gameplay Explained

Into the Battlefield V, you have a range of stuff to look after, and if you are willing to try the extensively third-party features, then you are definitely going to love the gameplay. You have numerous party-based features, and the mechanics are quite simple. The one thing that every gamer loves is a scarcity of the resources which make this game quite intense and one of the unique choice.

You can find features related to the player’s customization, and there are many elements which are increasing the realism here. The expanded focus on character and customization of the looks makes it quite an interactive choice. You can easily find out the new company system here, and you can try out creating a number of custom characters. You can try out cosmetics and plenty of weapon options here.

You can use the currency to get new characters, and there are in-game objectives to try out. You can spend real money to buy the virtual currency, and it is also easy to earn by completing the objectives which can enhance the overall gameplay. Apparently, the multiplayer modes with the continuous campaign mode add glory to the whole gameplay.

The most loved feature or mode is Firestorm and the Grand Operations. While progressing through the intense levels and trying out new stuff, you will tackle to same features that you can easily find in the Battlefield 1. So, they are keeping the game quite natural and a look-alike of the original version which came out a couple of years ago.

While playing through the grand operation mode, you have plenty of rounds with a range of objectives to look after for sure. All the missions take you to the final day, and it ends with some close margin of victory. All the matches are going to culminate with the day called “Final Stand.” To enhance the intenseness of this AAA title, developers continuously shrink the map to make you last man standing among others.

In the first version of this game, you can find so many war stories in the single-player mode and all of them were based on World War II. Still, the developers are featuring common modes like cooperative mode, and the same mode is called Combined Arms in the third version of a similar game. You can create a team of four players and prefer to undergo a mission to try out intense gaming skills and progressing through levels.

While trying out all the modes and the gameplay, you have other pillars like the destruction of the town, opting for a team play, driving vehicles, running, jumping and creating a new strategy. You can also interact with other gamers to drive through the modes and completing all the interesting missions. All these modes are going to make you love the gameplay and enjoy some new stuff here.

Modes Offered

Developers are putting plenty of modes in this Battlefield 5 game, and all of them are about team play and opting for the multiplayer feature. However, you can play in solo modes. All the modes help you earn experience, enhance the overall strategy and keep on getting better with time. If you want to be a professional gamer, then you need to be selective and look after several essential factors. Let’s have a look at all the modes offered in this game –

  • Outpost Mode – It is a time-limited mode where you capture and defend on the map. Upgrading radio towers to make the calls for enough recruits plays an important role to win in this mode.
  • Combined Arms – The second mode is a fast-paced and an 8vs.8 option where taking on the conquest on maps of Rotterdam, arras and hamada map is everything you need to complete. You also need to capture as well as hold flags to deplete over enemies.
  • Airborne – here you use a parachute to get on the battlefield and the Spreadhead for the incoming invasion. Battling with enemies and taking over their abilities plays an important role here.
  • Breakthrough – Here, you can find that battle to control and taking over the vital sector will be the primary attack here. You can push enemies by using defend and take over the opponent.
  • Conquest – Here, you will be fighting for the key location and surviving on the map. It is hard because of there are almost 64 live players, and this is a classic battle, and it is hard to conquer.
  • Domination – This mode is all about encountering a higher number of enemies and keeping up to the fast-paced mission with infantry based combat is essential here. You are taking close quarters to win over the opponent team.
  • Team deathmatch – The most liked mode in this game is team deathmatch, where you use the finest strategy with a number of players. You are here with a team, so the survival is totally based on the team players you have.
  • Practice Range – To try out something new or harness your overall strategy, you can try out the practice range. You have plenty of elements which can teach you the method to shoot, create strategy and more. You need to enhance the overall skills to get better.

These are all the common modes that you can find. There are many others, but these are widely played by most of the gamers, and you can try out these unique modes. Make sure that you come up with a strategy to progress through all the modes.


It is hard to progress until you have a genuine strategy and if you focus on some of the finest strategies, taking over all the modes of this game seems like an easy job. Always learn the basics from the tutorial and check out some Battlefield V tips to enhance your overall skills and becoming an advanced gamer in a short period.

Far Cry 3 Overview, First Impression, Types of Missions!

Far Cry is a well-liked installment in the FPS genre of AAA title, which is developed by Ubisoft Montreal, and it is published by Ubisoft. Far Cry 3 is the third major installment in the same series, and it is based on the fictional Rook Island. It is a tropical archipelago, and you are here to explore the world freely.

This AAA title is completely based on the combat and exploration of the new world. There are a huge number of weapons in this game, and you will love that all those are quite effective in defeating enemies and taking over the human enemies as well as living hostile wildlife. There is a role-playing element in this game.

Developers did a great job with a graphical performance; that’s why they collaborated with Ubisoft and other studios to provide a rich graphical experience which is worth appreciating. In all the installments, you can find a storyline going around, and it can make you love this AAA title over any other for sure.

Gameplay – First Impression

Developers announced this game in June 2011 and released this AAA title for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 in November 2012.

The plotting of Far Cry 3 in Rook Island keeps the storyline lot more interactive than any other game. It is an FPS game, and you are playing using the character called Jason Brody. He is portraying the whole map and letting you learn about the missions and upcoming objectives for sure.

The portray style is unique and way more interactive to connect a higher number of players. While approaching a number of missions, you and your team have to kill enemies to utilize the firearms offered. There are assault rifles, grenades, snipers, rocket launchers, and lot more to take over the enemies.

In order to scout, players can go behind enemies’ outpost, and you can use a camera which can help to mark the location of enemies. You can find toss rocks to distract enemies, and there are so many reasons that you can go for smart combat and not being in direct combat. There are silenced weapons that can enhance the gameplay.

You can try out a number of unique things here in this AAA title, which are making the gameplay slightly quirky, and the execution of new graphical setup is making you get rich gaming experience. The combat might seem simple in the beginning, but it keeps on getting intense with the type of missions.

You also have combat knives to slice the throat of enemies, and you can prevent enemies from alarming the trigger. So, not letting enemies call reinforcement is the primary goal to complete this game in an easier manner. It is all about enhancing the overall skills, and you can expect realistic gameplay here.

While progressing through levels and completing missions, you have to kill enemies, unlock better skills, and there are three major skills. The skills are being themed as a spider, heron, and the shark. It can make you scout for longer and making smart moves whenever you are trying to take over the enemy.

It might be hard in the beginning, but if you focus on all the essential factors, victory will lie in your hands. You can also enhance Jason’s overall abilities, and the mentioned abilities can be upgraded by a fraction. The overall upgrade will be significant, and you are going to love the gameplay.

From hunting skills to the takedown of stealth, you have numerous things to look after. Make sure that you come up with a wise strategy to take over the enemy, and everything seems like an easier job. Once you are done upgrading, the corresponding job will be lower, and you are on the way to take over the enemy and looking after the effective method of progression. This can enhance the gameplay and make you an advanced gamer.

Types of Missions or Modes

Developers did a great job and created a significant difference from the Far Cry 2 version. Needless to mention that the elementary features stay the same here, but the optimization of new tweaks into the existing one emphasizes what developers are up to. Thus, we made a list of missions that reflects the true features. Let’s have a look –

  • Story Mission –

One of the most loved modes in this game is the story mission, and it is going through the initial region of the map to the main target. It helps to earn experience and advancing the overall skills while progressing and reaching at a better level.

  • Side Missions –

The second type in this game is to try outside missions, and the players can talk to Rakyat as well as local members. It helps in sorting out the common problems that they are facing on this map. It can provide interesting rewards on this journey.

  • Path of the Hunter –

Liberating outposts help to unlock this type of mission, and here, you are about to hunt animals to get their skin as well as taking revenge for average people they are killing in the town. The best part is, some animals are helpful with crafting purpose, and these are about to enhance the overall progression rate.

  • Supply Drop –

When you activate a radio tower, you are unlocking this mission. Driving to the location by using the through markers and using the quad bike to get all those supplies is necessary. You have vehicles to drive. Supply can provide you medical supplies, but you have a limited time to get those important things.

  • Trial of the Rakyat –

It is a survival-based mission, and it is all about Rakyat, the local people. You can find this mission or activate it by going to the red-colored rocks. No doubt that the trials are forcing you to pass through the waves by taking over the enemy troops, and there is a time limit to look after. You have a fixed set of weapons to use.

  • Wanted Dead –

In this mission, you need to find a pirate commander and take over him by using your machete or any other weapon. There are plenty of weapons, and you can use any to take over the remaining pirates on this island.

These are all the popular missions’ types that keep going in this small but open-world gameplay. To progress and win, you need a strategy, and if you are playing with a team, you have to come up with a tactic, so everything goes in a perfect manner. Winning over the opponent is an easy thing here.


It is always hard to take over the opponent, and if you want to be the best gamer, then you need to be selective with strategy.

Choose your machete and any other silent weapon so that other pirates won’t trigger any alarm for reinforcement. Among all the modes, strategy and staying hidden is the primary goal. It is easy to win over the opponent, and you can earn a higher number of rewards.

We hope that this guidepost covers the essential factors that you must be looking after to reach on a better level and becoming an advanced gamer.

Mount Blade 2: Bannerlord Overview, Gameplay, Features & More!

Mount Blade 2 Bannerlord is the most awaited RPG game coming this year on March 31 in Single Player as well as Double Player mode. It is a development of TaleWorlds Entertainment to prequel the journey of Mount and Blade Warband.

The first announcement of the game came in 2012, and after that, developers offered the early version or a beta-version. They keep coming with some new updates from time to time, and now, it is almost complete. You can access the early version, but there are few bugs that you might notice.

There are a number of missions added by the developers, and if you love playing action games or RPG games, then you are going to love the quirky features added by developers. It might be one of the intense games of all time but hold on. The interactive design is pulling more attention toward the pre-order of this game.

The graphics are perfectly balanced, as you can check it out from the trailer offered. You can find plenty of additional tweaks here that can enhance the overall gameplay. If you are going to buy this game, then it would be a better choice if you check out the features. All those features will help you explore more about the same.

Gameplay – What to Expect?

Mount Blade 2 Bannerlord is an action RPG game, and it is based on the strategy element. The fundamentals of the game are the same, and players need to build a team of troops or soldiers. Performing quest is the primary goal here, and there are overhead campaign maps to take a look at. The battles are a primary goal in this map-based campaign game.

Engaging in combat is slightly typical alongside the other troops. However, it has a remarkable improvement in the gameplay, which will boost the overall gameplay. Being the top-notch gamer seems like an easier job. Needless to mention that sieges in the Bannerlord are intended to be highly strategic, and you can find that they were in Warband.

Creating a strategic position and ceasing the area to take over the enemy with the mechanic is an important goal here. If you are in the overhead campaign map of this game, choosing the bombard by a player on the wall is necessary, and it is possible by creating breaches. It can be used in several manners, and this is the part where the battle begins.

In order to discourage the prolonged bombardment, gatehouses, siege engines, and the merlons are destructible, and they can help during the actual battle. On the other hand, you can find murder holes which are located near key chokepoints. It is allowing the gamers or the defenders to get rid of the masses. By this, they are not able to breach the gates.

Even developers are enhancing the relationship of characters by which players are capable of using advanced dialogue system. This will persuade all the non-player characters or bots to do whatever they are trying to do. Meanwhile, fulfilling the progression bar is increasing the level in campaign mode.

The multiplayer element is way more improved; it requires you to focus on team building, creating strategy, and keep on interacting with players to boost your gaming style. So, the strategy building action RPG is going to jam this years’ chart of eSports. There are plenty of modes apart from trying the open-world.

Key Features

Developers of the game are putting some intense number of features, and the final version is expected to be updated with some additional perks and deluxe version. Taking a close look at the design and how it works, you will find numerous things to cherish about this game. The key features are –

  • Promising High-End Gameplay – It is clear from the beta version that it has promising gameplay. The graphics are high-end, and it plays at maximum settings, which are possible to this date.
  • Run and Ride – You have all the basic elements of RPG; you can run, ride horses and hide as FPS games. These basic elements are adding lots of ways to enhance the overall strategy and becoming an intense gamer in a short period.
  • Weapons and Shields – You can create a great offensive strategy and get some of the best weapons to deal with an opponent. To protect yourself, you are also getting a shield that will help you survive for longer on this map.
  • Build Strategy – The primary goal in this game is to build a strategy, and you can create an immersive teamplay. It is all about hiding effectively and then taking over the opponents.
  • Wide Maps – This time, developers are adding some of the best maps, and all of them have so many places to hide, hunt quests, and obtain the necessary equipment for an effective progression. When you are getting all the basic things on the map, progression seems easier.
  • Earn Resources – You get a reward when you complete a quest, and you are also getting score when killing a higher number of people. It is all about choosing the perfect strategy and chances of reaching on a higher level helps in several ways.

These are some of the important features that you can find in Mount Blade 2 Bannerlord. When you play this game, you will find new elements that are still not available in the beta version of the same. Developers are focusing on enhancing the overall gameplay, and if you love such games, then you must give it a try.

The Final Verdict

Mount Blade 2 Bannerlord is going to be the next hit in the eSports category, and it has a number of release date announced to this date. But, this time, developers came up with a promising date, and you can pre-order this game. Even though you have played the beta version, this game is going to be intense, and you can expect additional perks from the pre-order. We hope that this guide will come in handy to learn more about this AAA title.

Farming Simulator 18 Overview, Gameplay, Modes & Features Explained!

Simulation games are fun to play, and you can find that there is a huge variety available in the eSports category. Most of the AAA titles are intense, and they are full of quirky features with a range of features. Among all the popular simulation titles, you can find tons of series to try out.

Farming Simulator is a well-liked series in the simulation category, and it is known for the missions, easy to play gameplay, unique mechanics and a simple storyline. Everything leads to the increment in the growth of crops and farms. Managing everything plays an important role. While progressing through the levels of this game, you need to be selective, and everything is done after that.

If you are a newbie, then you have plenty of factors to look after, but if you are trying out the Farming Simulator 18, then you are definitely going to love the gameplay. Here, we brought you all the essential factors that you might be willing to learn about. From the features to gameplay, you have numerous things to try out.

Let’s have a look at the gameplay first and learn about it by taking an in-depth look of same. Here we go –

Farming Simulator 18 Gameplay – What Attracts Us the Most?

This farming simulation video game is a famous development from Giants Software, and this game is totally based on American And European maps. You can find a huge number of things which can make you fell in love with the gameplay. If you are a die-hard gamer, then you are most likely to enjoy this gameplay.

You have roads to farms for driveways. Apart from just driving and realistic experience, you need to look after farmers, growing crops, breeding livestock, and selling assets. You are creating all the assets from farming, so everything seems flawless. Developers focused on realistic development and kept it true-to-life that you are definitely going to love it.

Based on such design, they have sold more than four million copies of a similar game. And, it is available for Nintendo 3DS, iOS, Android, and PlayStation Vita. The wide availability is the major reason behind preferring the same, and you are going to love the gameplay. Developers offered this intense gameplay on June 6, 2017, and came up with several other updates to enhance the overall gameplay.

After that, developers came up with the new features, but all of them were added into the Farming Simulator 19 version. So, if you are playing this game, you are not missing anything at all.

You have a wide range of missions that you can play and progress through the levels. Keep in mind that when you are doing missions, you are focusing on strategy building more than anything else. This can make everything easy, and if you are trying hard to progress, then you need to be selective with the strategy.

Every choice you make reflects on the gameplay, and it can easily slow down your progression as if you are not looking at the essential aspects of the game. Once you are done focusing on the important stuff, you will be able to become the master gamer.

There are multiplayer modes in the same that allow you to reach out to friends and play with them. It is all about competing based on the skills, farming and your knowledge. The better knowledge you harness, the better you play. It is all about building a strategy and then focusing on the same. It will take you to better levels and make you an advanced gamer in a short period of time.

Modes offered

There are a total of three different modes that make the gameplay slightly rich, advanced and hard to progress through. Once you begin progressing through such aspects, you will be able to reach on a better level.

  • Career Mode – In this mode, you are playing the role of a farmer, and it is explained as Dated farm and machinery. Optimizing all the resources in the given period and cultivating a higher number of farms for better assets play an important role here. This can provide a range of advantages for sure.
  • Mission Mode – You can find dynamically generated missions and all of them are aiming a specific goal that you need to reach in a certain time. Perfuming the task in within given time is playing the essential role, and it can enhance the overall performance, which can make you an advanced gamer.
  • Multiplayer Mode – You can play with other gamers and focus on building better resources. The aim is to perform better from others and creating better assets. On the other hand, you need lots of knowledge to master the levels and progressing with ease for sure.

All these add up into the gameplay so that you have a number of things to enjoy while playing this game. Make sure that you have to be selective when progressing through the levels and after that everything is done. Becoming a master gamer seem like an easy job.

Important Features

To enhance the overall gameplay, developers are focusing on a wide range of factors, and among all of them, the main features that you are definitely going to enjoy are –

  • You have plenty of variety of activities that you are going to enjoy while playing this game, and the common ones are to plant, forestry activities, harvest, dedicated machines and lot more to interact with.
  • Being able to breed and transport animals make it one of the most loved features. You can find cows, sheep, hens, pigs, and many other animals to take into consideration. Here, the strategy is the essential factor for an effective progression.
  • You can look after the farms and their immersive American environment. Each one has a lot to explore while farming in such lands. People from outside America will discover so many new things here.
  • You can use as well as a drive over reproduced farming vehicles; there are almost 50 of them. You are also getting vehicles, tools and some popular brands like Challenger, Massey Ferguson, Challenger and Valtra. Each one is impressive enough to look after for sure.
  • The ability to grow as well as farm better stuff is making it quite a genuine game. You have some great features like as sugar beet, wheat, potatoes, corn and canola to look after. Farming these vegies and selling is a great way to enhance assets.

These are some of the essential features that you can notice in this game. While progressing through the levels, you are most likely to appreciate every feature about this game and enjoy the intense gameplay.


Needless to mention that Farming Simulator 18 has many other installments and all of them are plotted in a different way, and you can find some new as well as crazy features to enjoy. Make sure that you follow the essential tips and come up with a strategy to avoid progression related troubles. Meanwhile, you need to build assets and keep on improving their growth to earn a higher amount of virtual currency in this game. We hope that this guide will help you with progression.

Sleeping Dogs Gameplay Overview, Features and Tips offered!

In the category of best action-adventure games, Sleeping Dogs from United Front Games is quite a famous AAA title which is published by Square Enix studios. This video game is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and MacOS. Developed launched this single-player title back in August of 2012.

Till now, it is a well-liked game to try with an intense number of missions, advanced features and unique mechanics to enhance the overall gameplay. You are most likely to enjoy the graphical interface and design. The storyline is plotted in contemporary Hong Kong, and it follows a man named Wei Shen. He is an undercover Chinese-American police officer.

He is in Hong Kong to infiltrate Sun On Yee Triad, an organization. The whole gameplay is based on the fight of the main character, shooting and parkouring from the buildings. No doubt that Wei Shen has a number of great abilities and you can utilize them to walk through situations as well as fighting with the organizations.

There are some intense missions requires you to focus on optimizing the skills you have, taking over the organization and being able to get rid of all the issues with ease. Apparently, you have weapons to use, and the wide maps contain numerous add-ons that can enhance the overall gameplay and they can make you play this game in a better manner.

You need to earn a reward at the same time, and it can be done by fighting and taking over the enemy. Driving and racing in perfect manner also provide you points which automatically adds up into your reward and you can lately use them to enhance skills. Meanwhile, this is an open-world game so you can roam in the town instead of looking after the missions.

In-Depth Look at Gameplay

As this game is plotted in an open-world environment and you are playing it from a third-person perspective, you have plenty of controls. From controlling your character, Wei Shen, to drive vehicles, shooting enemies and a lot more. You are going to love the gameplay due to this.

Getting more into the gameplay, you have initial missions in this game, and they are linear with some tutorials to enhance the control over the character. Once you are done with missions, the character is free to explore the town and roam around in this open-world map. There are side missions to participate, and they provide a number of activities to explore.

He can navigate the world by running, jumping, driving, climbing, swimming and more. To take over obstacles, he can use a weapon, and it will be an effective option to enjoy the gameplay. More than that, there are cars, boats and motorcycles to drive. There is a map interface on the top which indicate your position.

Even, it also helps to indicate target and key locations during the missions. You can find safe houses and contact points on the map for better gameplay which can ease up the work while playing this game. The enhanced combat abilities are making this game quite interactive to play and reduce equipment costs.

You have a wide range of weapons to explore, and when you do something that comes in an important activity list, then you earn experience point. There are several types of it, and the primary is triad experience which can be obtained by combat and violent missions. You can find environmental kills in this list.

Face XP is the second type, and all the civilian side missions fall into this category. It is filling the Shen’s face meter and it is also unlocking cosmetic items for him. You can get clothes as well as a vehicle with this type of experience. When you reach higher face level, your character can get whatever vehicle he wants.

The last type is police XP, and it can be obtained with the civilian casualties as well as by property damage missions. When you are completing police side missions, you earn XP which help to unlock better abilities such as hot-wiring cars, opponent disarming and more. It can easily enhance the experience you are getting while playing this game.

Important Tips

After learning about such intense missions in this game, the primary question which hit in mind is about the difficulty of the game. Well, if you know the basics and you prefer a slow progression, then it seem like an easy job. But, if you check out the crucial tips in advance then things can get easier here. Let’s have a look at few important tips for a kick-start –

  • Attack First

In this game, you can get an opportunity to attack on your enemies first, and you must not skip it. Sometimes gamers wait for the opponent to attack first but are not a wise decision because they get advantages and they can come close to you.

  • Variety of Attacks

To earn a higher amount of experience points, you need to opt for a variety of attacks and combos. This will help you obtain extra experience, and it will come in handy to unlock better stuff as well as abilities. You can get a better vehicle by this method.

  • Environmental Attacks

No doubt that environmental attacks are good enough to take over the enemy but make sure that you do not use it all the time. The opponent can observe your movements, and they have the opportunity to kill and take over with ease.

  • Maintain Gap from Grapplers

When attacking grappler, you need to select with the angle and distance. Due to the serious amount of damage, you go for an elevated zone or try staying at a far range to avoid any kind of issue.


Based on the gameplay and features of Sleeping Dogs, it is a pretty intense game with interactive gameplay and lots of features which can make you love it over any other AAA title in the same category. We hope that this guide will help you learn more about sleeping dogs and important tips.