Mount Blade 2: Bannerlord Overview, Gameplay, Features & More!

Mount Blade 2 Bannerlord is the most awaited RPG game coming this year on March 31 in Single Player as well as Double Player mode. It is a development of TaleWorlds Entertainment to prequel the journey of Mount and Blade Warband.

The first announcement of the game came in 2012, and after that, developers offered the early version or a beta-version. They keep coming with some new updates from time to time, and now, it is almost complete. You can access the early version, but there are few bugs that you might notice.

There are a number of missions added by the developers, and if you love playing action games or RPG games, then you are going to love the quirky features added by developers. It might be one of the intense games of all time but hold on. The interactive design is pulling more attention toward the pre-order of this game.

The graphics are perfectly balanced, as you can check it out from the trailer offered. You can find plenty of additional tweaks here that can enhance the overall gameplay. If you are going to buy this game, then it would be a better choice if you check out the features. All those features will help you explore more about the same.

Gameplay – What to Expect?

Mount Blade 2 Bannerlord is an action RPG game, and it is based on the strategy element. The fundamentals of the game are the same, and players need to build a team of troops or soldiers. Performing quest is the primary goal here, and there are overhead campaign maps to take a look at. The battles are a primary goal in this map-based campaign game.

Engaging in combat is slightly typical alongside the other troops. However, it has a remarkable improvement in the gameplay, which will boost the overall gameplay. Being the top-notch gamer seems like an easier job. Needless to mention that sieges in the Bannerlord are intended to be highly strategic, and you can find that they were in Warband.

Creating a strategic position and ceasing the area to take over the enemy with the mechanic is an important goal here. If you are in the overhead campaign map of this game, choosing the bombard by a player on the wall is necessary, and it is possible by creating breaches. It can be used in several manners, and this is the part where the battle begins.

In order to discourage the prolonged bombardment, gatehouses, siege engines, and the merlons are destructible, and they can help during the actual battle. On the other hand, you can find murder holes which are located near key chokepoints. It is allowing the gamers or the defenders to get rid of the masses. By this, they are not able to breach the gates.

Even developers are enhancing the relationship of characters by which players are capable of using advanced dialogue system. This will persuade all the non-player characters or bots to do whatever they are trying to do. Meanwhile, fulfilling the progression bar is increasing the level in campaign mode.

The multiplayer element is way more improved; it requires you to focus on team building, creating strategy, and keep on interacting with players to boost your gaming style. So, the strategy building action RPG is going to jam this years’ chart of eSports. There are plenty of modes apart from trying the open-world.

Key Features

Developers of the game are putting some intense number of features, and the final version is expected to be updated with some additional perks and deluxe version. Taking a close look at the design and how it works, you will find numerous things to cherish about this game. The key features are –

  • Promising High-End Gameplay – It is clear from the beta version that it has promising gameplay. The graphics are high-end, and it plays at maximum settings, which are possible to this date.
  • Run and Ride – You have all the basic elements of RPG; you can run, ride horses and hide as FPS games. These basic elements are adding lots of ways to enhance the overall strategy and becoming an intense gamer in a short period.
  • Weapons and Shields – You can create a great offensive strategy and get some of the best weapons to deal with an opponent. To protect yourself, you are also getting a shield that will help you survive for longer on this map.
  • Build Strategy – The primary goal in this game is to build a strategy, and you can create an immersive teamplay. It is all about hiding effectively and then taking over the opponents.
  • Wide Maps – This time, developers are adding some of the best maps, and all of them have so many places to hide, hunt quests, and obtain the necessary equipment for an effective progression. When you are getting all the basic things on the map, progression seems easier.
  • Earn Resources – You get a reward when you complete a quest, and you are also getting score when killing a higher number of people. It is all about choosing the perfect strategy and chances of reaching on a higher level helps in several ways.

These are some of the important features that you can find in Mount Blade 2 Bannerlord. When you play this game, you will find new elements that are still not available in the beta version of the same. Developers are focusing on enhancing the overall gameplay, and if you love such games, then you must give it a try.

The Final Verdict

Mount Blade 2 Bannerlord is going to be the next hit in the eSports category, and it has a number of release date announced to this date. But, this time, developers came up with a promising date, and you can pre-order this game. Even though you have played the beta version, this game is going to be intense, and you can expect additional perks from the pre-order. We hope that this guide will come in handy to learn more about this AAA title.

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