Metro Exodus Gameplay Explained, Highlights & Review!

In the FPS genre, Metro Exodus is a pretty remarkable name for its unique gameplay. 4A Games, the developer, did a great job putting some quirky features in this instalment of Metro video game series. Despite the first-person shooting gameplay, you have numerous things to explore whole progressing through the intense levels.

This game is totally based on Dmitry Glukhoysky’s novel, and it follows the event of Metro 2033 as well as the Metro: Last Light. Considering the intense design, you can find that there are positive reviews from the critics. Developers launched this game on 19 November 2019 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Stadia.

All these amazing things about the game enhances the overall popularity, and it can make you try out something that you have never before. While progressing, you will find much more than playing a simple FPS game. It has a unique storyline that enhances the overall gameplay here.

Gameplay Explained

While playing Metro Exodus, you will find that it has an FPS gameplay and it is totally a survival horror game. There are stealth elements to make you feel curious about what is coming ahead. This game is totally plotted in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The focus in on the former Russian Federation and all the gamers have to cope-up with everything going around hazards.

On the other hand, you will be engaging in combat as well as battling against the mutated creatures, which can make you try out the intense gameplay in a totally unique manner. You can find hostile humans, and there is player wields for arsenal, and you can choose between a range of hand-made weaponry which can make everything intense and hard to progress.

You also have the crafting system for survival purpose. When playing through the different locations, you can find a mixture of linear levels like a campaign mode. There is a sandbox environment which makes everything unique and hard to progress. During the story progression, you have so many things to try out, and it can enhance the overall gameplay for sure.

It might be hard to progress through such an intense environment, but if you want slight assistance, you can follow a couple of essential tips which can make everything easier. It will be easy if you look out all the basic tips for a faster progression and earning a genuine number of virtual currencies in this game.

Highlights (Key Features)

A range of quirky features is making this game intense and hard to progress. The key features that we loved about this game are –

  • Intense Journey in Long Map

The maps in this game are very long and hard to progress for sure. You can embark the journey by Boarding from the Aurora and then going after the heavily modified steam.

  • Sandbox Survival

Even though it is an intense mission game, there are things that you are definitely going to love. The primary feature that you might find is, it has a sandbox survival gameplay.

  • Hostile World

You are into the hostile world, and it is beautifully created by the developers to scare gamers but keep them curious to explore. You can find Russian Wilderness, and there are stunning day and night cycle here.

  • Combat

You will be tackling with the deadliest combat and stealth, which are wild and hard to progress. By creating some of the effective strategies and choosing your own playing style, it would be an easy choice to progress at a faster rate in this intense game.

  • Game of Choice

You will be finding yourself in some of the worst situations, and everything is dependent on the choices that you make. Each choice takes you to a different ending, and it keeps you interacting with several crucial stuff.

Few Important tips

Metro Exodus might be hard to play the game, and if you don’t want to get into any issue while playing this game, it would be a better choice, you follow all the basic tips which are mentioned below. Let’s have a look –

  • By checking your journal time to time, you can get updates about the stuff going all around. This is an easy method, that’s why you can look after the same.
  • Binoculars can help you scan point of interests from a far distance. It is usually the most reliable option, and you can find several advantages from the consideration of the same.
  • Craft Compass because it will help you toward a better progression and it will help you know which direction to move. By moving in the right direction, you get better speed for progression, and it is helpful in several manners.
  • Don’t kill everyone that comes toward you because it will be a bad choice in several manners. You can find that everyone is not an enemy, and some are there to offer you progression tips. If you kill them, you need to figure out the right way.
  • Early upgrades are helpful, going from one level to another in an easier manner. Most of the time, gamers don’t know which direction to move, but if you consider the same, it will be an easier choice.

These are some essential tips for the beginner of Metro Exodus. When you are playing this game, you need to be selective to avoid getting into any kind of issue. Make sure that you create a wise tactic to avoid getting into any problem.

So, What’s The Final verdict?

No doubt that Metro Exodus is a unique game with plenty of things to explore. This game is plotted in 2033, and you will be moving through the wild maps. When progressing, you need to be selective to avoid getting into any problem related to the lack of ammo, weapon and guidance. Make sure that you pay attention to detailing or decoration because most of the hints are in those areas and they can help in several manners.

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