Grand Theft Auto 4 Gameplay Overview, Storyline and Some Tips!

Grand Theft Auto is the well-liked AAA game series developed by Rockstar Studios, and it is widely played around the world. This game with high-end graphics, unique gameplay, and an impressive storyline keeps everything on track.

GTA 4 is a remarkable development that came out on 29 April 2008 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows. This game won the VGX Award for Best Performance by a Human Male as the remarkable one, and you can still find many more.

This game focuses on three characters and their story of being the gangsters, completing missions, and doing lots of quests. There are so many fun elements added into this open-world game as you can find yourself playing intense shooting missions to fantasy stuff.

Over the past twelve years of its launch date, there is only GTA V only. So, it is not that old game, and there are so many things that can impress you toward the game. The gameplay itself is a lot more pleasing and better for sure.

The Gameplay of GTA IV

Grand Theft Auto IV is totally based on the liberty city and a new living style of each character. It has an open breathing world, which is inspired by the real world and the most popular city –- New York. You are playing this game with a character called Niko Bellic. He is an Eastern European Immigrant.

In the history of GTA, this fourth installment is most popular and loved all around the world for sure. It has a storyline that creates the base of players, and if you haven’t played this game, then it is the right time. The storyline is good enough to look after, and it will make you enjoy the fifth installment of the game.


GTA 4 helped to give a shape to the perfect storyline, which worked well in GTA V, and if you loved playing this game, then you can find so many things that can make you feel that this game came out a century ago.

Nico Bellic has a cellphone with buttons, and it doesn’t have an internet connection. This can create nostalgia, or it can make you feel that you are playing such an old game. But, if you look at other factors, you will love this game over the other ones.

The story starts with Niko’s arrival in liberty city, and then he realist that it is not a dream. In this game, he feels like he is at the bottom of the food chain, and this time, he has to focus on a couple of things to get out of this situation.

Niko got his own elaboration, and he meets with other people. The story continues completing the mission and then learning methods of surviving from other people, police, and completing the mission. He is an immigrant but not that safe because of so many intense and pending missions.

Essential Tips

As mentioned, Niko has so many things to do in this world to survive, and if he doesn’t want to get into any major issue, then the only option has left is to complete missions. As you are controlling the character so you need to follow a couple of tips, which can help in several ways. Let’s learn a few –

  1. Stay Healthy and Eat Food

Even though Niko is a virtual character, developers of the game are investing a lot in detailing, and keeping your character healthy is an essential part to look after. He won’t be able to heal himself, so if he gets any damage while completing a mission, then it will stay the same. You need to do something about it and the possible option to feed him, and you can find hotdog vendors to fulfill the need. You can prefer fast food joints or restaurants. Various foods can help to heal him up.

  1. Staying Equipped with necessary gears

When you are going on the mission, strapping up some essential equipment can help with progression and keeping you healthy. Survival chances enhance in such cases, and you can try out several weapons if you are going strapped. This will help you deal with situations without getting any damage, and most of the gamers consider it. having a baseball or gun can let you handle a situation in an easier manner. That’s why most of the gamers are preferring it. You can rely on the same and get rid of several problems while dealing with situations.

  1. Armor helps a lot

Eventually, you are battling into a mission and spending lots of time trying to win but can’t win; then you might be making mistakes. It would be a better choice to equip an armor so that bullets can’t penetrate into you. By collecting some money and then going to firearms, you can buy armor. Damage from bullet reduces by several times which make it one of the best choice and you can consider it. You can also find it in the city as well as at some random locations. This will be an easier choice.

  1. Keep Exploring for More

To enjoy the gameplay at extreme, it would be a better choice if you explore. The wide map of GTA 4 has so many things to do, and if you explore wisely, you can find stuff to collect, money, weapons, car, and other things that can help. In case the cops are behind, you can try out places that you have explored before. Hiding becomes easier in this open-world map, and you can try out going to all the amazing places. It might take a little time to explore all, but you are definitely going to love this town for sure.

  1. Try to Avoid Cops

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the game but doesn’t want to get Wasted? Well, everyone wants the same, and you know that cops are the enemies. If you try to hide, they will find you, but if you try to avoid going near them, then it will be a better choice. Always look around before doing any crime, which will help you play safe and avoiding most of the problems. All the advance gamers don’t tickle with cops, and it is the major reason that they are able to complete all the missions in a couple of months.


GTA 4 has numerous things to do apart from completing the missions only. You can try out different places, explore the town, and become an advanced gamer. If you are willing to buy this game, then you can follow these tips and master the game without causing any problem with the performance. It is important that you know the base before getting started.

Even playing this game will help you learn about the storyline of the previous modes and GTA V also. So, it is an important game, and it can create your base in the storyline. After completing GTA IV, you will love to play the new installments. There won’t be much difference with the storyline, but you have a lot more to explore this time.

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