Grand Theft Auto 3 Review, Gameplay and Features to Know!

Grand Theft Auto III development in the action-adventure genre has been the most popular AAA title for PC and gaming consoles in 2001. This development of DMA design which was published by Rockstar games, hit the shelves of gaming stores in 2001 and sold all the copies overnight.

This was the fifth title in the same series of GTA, and this game was plotted in Liberty City. The storyline follows a criminal named Claude as he was left for dead and he finds himself at the bottom of the food chain. Quickly after getting involved in the town, he gets into the world of gangs and follows plenty of crimes. It is also about corruption.

As you will be playing this game, you will be getting third-person perspective, and this world is totally navigated on vehicle or foot. This has an open world, and if you have played the previous instalments, then there is no need for further explanation for sure. This development let you roam in three different islands offered in this game.

The maps are pretty wide, and you have lots of things to explore here. During your journey of playing in this game, you have numerous missions to explore, and you are also learning about the storyline going around. It can make you love the gameplay and get intense fun while playing this game. There are numerous things to explore in this game.

While playing through the intense missions of this game, you can find an intense storyline that can take lots of time to explore completely.

A Complete go Through of Gameplay

As this game is played into the third-person perspective, they complete missions and most of them are linear scenarios along with a set of objectives to take over. Completing missions help to progress through the story and learning more about the gameplay offered by the developers in this PC title.

Several amazing action missions are offered in this game, and outside of the mission, you have the option to explore three islands. There are plenty of things to do, but one of the best things is to steal cars and wander on roads. You have such long maps to explore the town, and if you don’t want to, then you can opt for impressive missions.

Once you begin to explore all the missions, the way to other towns unlocks after that, and it can take lots of time completing a range of missions. You need to be selective while progressing through the missions because you need to focus on earning money and looking after health. You are also earning respect, driving skills and other qualities.

The best part is, the player can run, use vehicles, get a weapon and roam on the streets of liberty city. While playing missions, you need better control over the character, following the storyline and checking out all the objectives. When you play wisely, you earn money, and it can be spent on several things.

The common use of money is to get a weapon and home. Needless to mention that a home doesn’t have any use in a virtual game, but in this game, you have a purpose. To save your progression, you can unlock better homes, and you can get whatever you want. This is an easy method, and you can find it a highly reliable choice.

Players of the game need to control Claude and then look after getting all the essential things for the character. Once you begin to progress and unlock some of the best stuff, you are saving the progression. You can get vehicles and take them to the garage. After that, save the progression, and it will be an easier choice if you want to progress effectively.

All the Impressive Features to Explore

Over the past two decades, GTA series is using almost similar features with a huge improvement in all of them. If you are playing this game, then you can find many to check out, but the best ones who can help you in several manners are –

  • Realistic Gameplay

To make everything true-to-life, developers did a great job of putting some of the similar features to the world. From the walk, run, drive to the world, everything seems real, which can enhance the overall fun playing this game.

  • Health bar

Even you are playing from a third-person perspective, you can find a health bar, and this emotional roller coaster is a lot more fun to explore. The health condition matters a lot when exploring this game, and you will find so many things to try out.

  • Clothes and Home

You can buy clothes, home and change whatever you own. From getting some of the best class clothes to trying out the different range of stuff like Jewellery, haircut, tattoo and many other options are available in this game. All these things can make you explore a lot more than what you have been trying so far.

  • Vehicles

You can check out cars, bikes, trucks, helicopter, and much more in this game. All of them have different speed, sound and radio option. When playing these games, you can explore better cars by stoppings them and pulling them out. There is nothing to worry about fueling or more.

  • Range of Missions

Every location has its own mission, and when you drive to a particular spot and choose a mission, you are about to unlock more. As you complete one mission, a range of other missions open up. Completing all the missions seems like fun to do.

  • Police

There is a cops system in which if you commit a crime when a policeman is near; you will get a star shining on the upper right corner. It tells you that cops are behind and you need to hide or run for a couple of minutes. By not going close to the police or collecting star from particular locations, you can get rid of cops.

  • Wide Map

As mentioned before, this game has a pretty wide map, and there are plenty of things to explore while progressing through all the levels. When you are trying out the mesmerizing maps, you are most likely to collect stuff. By killing people, you can get a decent amount of money and use that to buy a home, weapon and other stuff. It is the primary and most loved feature here.

  • Cheats

You can use specific commands from the PC or gaming consoles to activate cheats. All those cheats let you enhance the overall gameplay and keep on progressing at a better range. It let you explore way more stuff than you have ever done before.

These are a bunch of impressive features that you can explore while playing through the different levels of GTA 3. You are most likely to enjoy the graphical interface here, and everything looks stunning good even in such old development.


GTA III is a lot more about roaming in the town of liberty city and exploring a range of missions. By playing for hours on a daily basis, you can end all the missions in almost one month. There are amazing missions, and they are making everything interactive, that’s why you can try out all the quirky features here.

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