Farming Simulator 19 Review, Gameplay, Game Modes & More!

Farming Simulator series had a resounding success during the early days of launch, and you can find that there is a number of instalments. Despite the simulator series and keeping it realistic, developers are focusing on teaching the way to farm, increasing growth of farms and improving overall assets.

Farming Simulator 19 is a well-liked game, and it is widely played all around the world due to intense gameplay and features. The first presentation of the game was in 2008, and since then there are plenty of instalments. Giants Software, the developer, created a real-to-life and interactive gameplay that you are going to cherish.

The whole setup of the map is done in American and European environment. People from outside of these places can find something unique here. Well, the farms are unique, and there are lots of machinery to learn about. Taking the right approach is playing an important role, and if you want to be the best gamer, then you need to come up with the finest strategy to take over all the issues.

You need to focus on Farms, selling assets from the grown crops and looking after the breed livestock. It can get pretty hard while progressing but you will love the gameplay here. There are many other things that are worth cherishing. This game came out on November 20, 2018. Many new instalments came after that, but this one is slightly advanced and loved all around. There are some amazing features which make it unique.

The key features are included for better graphical performance, and a new graphic engine is used in this development, so you will find it slightly better from the 18th instalment. Gamers are here to look after the horse farming, feeding oats, and looking after the cotton crops. This time, developers are featuring John Deere machinery, and it is the first time they are doing it with this game.

Our review about the gameplay is positive and quite heartwarming, considering the gameplay and interactive features. The graphical performance is really high this time, and you can run this game at quite high graphical settings without getting a lag due to the new graphical engine in this version.

Gameplay – A Close Look

As we talked about the design and features, you can find new elements added to this game. Primarily, you have better tractors here and a number of maps to try out the farms. A number of farms are offered to gamers, and they are unique at this time. Ability to drive machinery and selling crop is quite a normal feature with the old version.

Due to the add up of new farms, you are getting the ability to try a new type of crops. You can look after the animals, breeding them and selling crops to enhance the overall growth. Building asset is playing an important role here, and you have plenty of features to add up into the same, and it can enhance the overall gameplay and make you love the gameplay.

Developers are offering franchise for the most extensive and loved vehicles so this game is running at a roller coaster speed and you have lots of things to explore this time. The new American and European environment is making the gameplay pretty hard, and you are most likely to love the gameplay here.

The add up of new mechanics and features making the gameplay pretty hard. You can try out the tractor, and there is machinery from John Deere. One more thing worth mentioning, there are horses to ride and look at the vast number of farms. It became easier to explore the world and look at some cool things that you haven’t been able to explore.

Sound effects and music design is totally new this time, and you are most likely to love the sound design, which will help with the gameplay. Apparently, the unique approach is widely loved around the globe, and if you want to explore the true-world, then this game has a lot to try out in the countryside of America and Europe.

New Features from The Giants Software

By adding plenty of new features for a better design and extensive gameplay, players can explore the farming world in a better manner. Putting all the features, in short, might be hard because there is a huge number of them. Due to this, we made a list of important features that you are going to love about this game. Let’s have a look at all of them –

  • Franchise – The big head here with the new instalment is farming simulator franchise, and it is providing some of the immersive and striking graphics in this game. You might have never experienced such great graphics in a simulator game.
  • New Vehicle – Old machinery is removed, and you have faithfully reproduced vehicles which are going to help with farming. You can find new and intense number of tools with the largest agriculture machinery company. Yes, there is a John Deere tractor, and other machinery to try out this time.
  • Build Assets – In the race of building assets, you have similar things from the previous versions. Focus on livestock and grow your assets from pigs, sheep, cows, chicken and horse also. You might have noticed that horse is first time added into this game.
  • New Mechanics – Instead of approaching all your vehicles in an old manner, you are using all of them with new mechanic gameplay. They are helping with the gameplay and most of the features about changing the gaming experience this time. You can create an online community and look after the range of most loved gameplay-related features.
  • Try New Perspective – Instead of driving machinery, you can try out riding a horse, and you can explore vast areas in this large map. It is totally an open world map, and there are so many farming activities to look after.
  • Better Graphics – With the implementation of a new graphical engine, you are getting better graphics here, and all those are going to make you try some cool features here. The gameplay keeps on getting better and highly impressive.
  • Multiplayer Mode – In the online modes, you can try out developing amazing farms, and there are 16 players on a map. You can look at others and enrich farming experience in quite an easier manner. There are community-created mods also that are making the gameplay unique for consoles and PC gamers.

These are all the major features that you can explore in this new title, and most of the gamers are loving it. While progressing through the different modes, you will be trying out something cool. Make sure that you go through some other modes of the game. They are enhancing the gameplay quite intensively, and you are going to love the gameplay.


Despite the unique gameplay, the intense number of features are making the gameplay pretty wild. Making progression through the modes and earning enough number of resources might be hard; that’s why you should not avoid skipping the tutorial. On the other hand, try out all the modes so that your gameplay becomes intense and better.

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