Farming Simulator 18 Overview, Gameplay, Modes & Features Explained!

Simulation games are fun to play, and you can find that there is a huge variety available in the eSports category. Most of the AAA titles are intense, and they are full of quirky features with a range of features. Among all the popular simulation titles, you can find tons of series to try out.

Farming Simulator is a well-liked series in the simulation category, and it is known for the missions, easy to play gameplay, unique mechanics and a simple storyline. Everything leads to the increment in the growth of crops and farms. Managing everything plays an important role. While progressing through the levels of this game, you need to be selective, and everything is done after that.

If you are a newbie, then you have plenty of factors to look after, but if you are trying out the Farming Simulator 18, then you are definitely going to love the gameplay. Here, we brought you all the essential factors that you might be willing to learn about. From the features to gameplay, you have numerous things to try out.

Let’s have a look at the gameplay first and learn about it by taking an in-depth look of same. Here we go –

Farming Simulator 18 Gameplay – What Attracts Us the Most?

This farming simulation video game is a famous development from Giants Software, and this game is totally based on American And European maps. You can find a huge number of things which can make you fell in love with the gameplay. If you are a die-hard gamer, then you are most likely to enjoy this gameplay.

You have roads to farms for driveways. Apart from just driving and realistic experience, you need to look after farmers, growing crops, breeding livestock, and selling assets. You are creating all the assets from farming, so everything seems flawless. Developers focused on realistic development and kept it true-to-life that you are definitely going to love it.

Based on such design, they have sold more than four million copies of a similar game. And, it is available for Nintendo 3DS, iOS, Android, and PlayStation Vita. The wide availability is the major reason behind preferring the same, and you are going to love the gameplay. Developers offered this intense gameplay on June 6, 2017, and came up with several other updates to enhance the overall gameplay.

After that, developers came up with the new features, but all of them were added into the Farming Simulator 19 version. So, if you are playing this game, you are not missing anything at all.

You have a wide range of missions that you can play and progress through the levels. Keep in mind that when you are doing missions, you are focusing on strategy building more than anything else. This can make everything easy, and if you are trying hard to progress, then you need to be selective with the strategy.

Every choice you make reflects on the gameplay, and it can easily slow down your progression as if you are not looking at the essential aspects of the game. Once you are done focusing on the important stuff, you will be able to become the master gamer.

There are multiplayer modes in the same that allow you to reach out to friends and play with them. It is all about competing based on the skills, farming and your knowledge. The better knowledge you harness, the better you play. It is all about building a strategy and then focusing on the same. It will take you to better levels and make you an advanced gamer in a short period of time.

Modes offered

There are a total of three different modes that make the gameplay slightly rich, advanced and hard to progress through. Once you begin progressing through such aspects, you will be able to reach on a better level.

  • Career Mode – In this mode, you are playing the role of a farmer, and it is explained as Dated farm and machinery. Optimizing all the resources in the given period and cultivating a higher number of farms for better assets play an important role here. This can provide a range of advantages for sure.
  • Mission Mode – You can find dynamically generated missions and all of them are aiming a specific goal that you need to reach in a certain time. Perfuming the task in within given time is playing the essential role, and it can enhance the overall performance, which can make you an advanced gamer.
  • Multiplayer Mode – You can play with other gamers and focus on building better resources. The aim is to perform better from others and creating better assets. On the other hand, you need lots of knowledge to master the levels and progressing with ease for sure.

All these add up into the gameplay so that you have a number of things to enjoy while playing this game. Make sure that you have to be selective when progressing through the levels and after that everything is done. Becoming a master gamer seem like an easy job.

Important Features

To enhance the overall gameplay, developers are focusing on a wide range of factors, and among all of them, the main features that you are definitely going to enjoy are –

  • You have plenty of variety of activities that you are going to enjoy while playing this game, and the common ones are to plant, forestry activities, harvest, dedicated machines and lot more to interact with.
  • Being able to breed and transport animals make it one of the most loved features. You can find cows, sheep, hens, pigs, and many other animals to take into consideration. Here, the strategy is the essential factor for an effective progression.
  • You can look after the farms and their immersive American environment. Each one has a lot to explore while farming in such lands. People from outside America will discover so many new things here.
  • You can use as well as a drive over reproduced farming vehicles; there are almost 50 of them. You are also getting vehicles, tools and some popular brands like Challenger, Massey Ferguson, Challenger and Valtra. Each one is impressive enough to look after for sure.
  • The ability to grow as well as farm better stuff is making it quite a genuine game. You have some great features like as sugar beet, wheat, potatoes, corn and canola to look after. Farming these vegies and selling is a great way to enhance assets.

These are some of the essential features that you can notice in this game. While progressing through the levels, you are most likely to appreciate every feature about this game and enjoy the intense gameplay.


Needless to mention that Farming Simulator 18 has many other installments and all of them are plotted in a different way, and you can find some new as well as crazy features to enjoy. Make sure that you follow the essential tips and come up with a strategy to avoid progression related troubles. Meanwhile, you need to build assets and keep on improving their growth to earn a higher amount of virtual currency in this game. We hope that this guide will help you with progression.

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