Far Cry 3 Overview, First Impression, Types of Missions!

Far Cry is a well-liked installment in the FPS genre of AAA title, which is developed by Ubisoft Montreal, and it is published by Ubisoft. Far Cry 3 is the third major installment in the same series, and it is based on the fictional Rook Island. It is a tropical archipelago, and you are here to explore the world freely.

This AAA title is completely based on the combat and exploration of the new world. There are a huge number of weapons in this game, and you will love that all those are quite effective in defeating enemies and taking over the human enemies as well as living hostile wildlife. There is a role-playing element in this game.

Developers did a great job with a graphical performance; that’s why they collaborated with Ubisoft and other studios to provide a rich graphical experience which is worth appreciating. In all the installments, you can find a storyline going around, and it can make you love this AAA title over any other for sure.

Gameplay – First Impression

Developers announced this game in June 2011 and released this AAA title for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 in November 2012.

The plotting of Far Cry 3 in Rook Island keeps the storyline lot more interactive than any other game. It is an FPS game, and you are playing using the character called Jason Brody. He is portraying the whole map and letting you learn about the missions and upcoming objectives for sure.

The portray style is unique and way more interactive to connect a higher number of players. While approaching a number of missions, you and your team have to kill enemies to utilize the firearms offered. There are assault rifles, grenades, snipers, rocket launchers, and lot more to take over the enemies.

In order to scout, players can go behind enemies’ outpost, and you can use a camera which can help to mark the location of enemies. You can find toss rocks to distract enemies, and there are so many reasons that you can go for smart combat and not being in direct combat. There are silenced weapons that can enhance the gameplay.

You can try out a number of unique things here in this AAA title, which are making the gameplay slightly quirky, and the execution of new graphical setup is making you get rich gaming experience. The combat might seem simple in the beginning, but it keeps on getting intense with the type of missions.

You also have combat knives to slice the throat of enemies, and you can prevent enemies from alarming the trigger. So, not letting enemies call reinforcement is the primary goal to complete this game in an easier manner. It is all about enhancing the overall skills, and you can expect realistic gameplay here.

While progressing through levels and completing missions, you have to kill enemies, unlock better skills, and there are three major skills. The skills are being themed as a spider, heron, and the shark. It can make you scout for longer and making smart moves whenever you are trying to take over the enemy.

It might be hard in the beginning, but if you focus on all the essential factors, victory will lie in your hands. You can also enhance Jason’s overall abilities, and the mentioned abilities can be upgraded by a fraction. The overall upgrade will be significant, and you are going to love the gameplay.

From hunting skills to the takedown of stealth, you have numerous things to look after. Make sure that you come up with a wise strategy to take over the enemy, and everything seems like an easier job. Once you are done upgrading, the corresponding job will be lower, and you are on the way to take over the enemy and looking after the effective method of progression. This can enhance the gameplay and make you an advanced gamer.

Types of Missions or Modes

Developers did a great job and created a significant difference from the Far Cry 2 version. Needless to mention that the elementary features stay the same here, but the optimization of new tweaks into the existing one emphasizes what developers are up to. Thus, we made a list of missions that reflects the true features. Let’s have a look –

  • Story Mission –

One of the most loved modes in this game is the story mission, and it is going through the initial region of the map to the main target. It helps to earn experience and advancing the overall skills while progressing and reaching at a better level.

  • Side Missions –

The second type in this game is to try outside missions, and the players can talk to Rakyat as well as local members. It helps in sorting out the common problems that they are facing on this map. It can provide interesting rewards on this journey.

  • Path of the Hunter –

Liberating outposts help to unlock this type of mission, and here, you are about to hunt animals to get their skin as well as taking revenge for average people they are killing in the town. The best part is, some animals are helpful with crafting purpose, and these are about to enhance the overall progression rate.

  • Supply Drop –

When you activate a radio tower, you are unlocking this mission. Driving to the location by using the through markers and using the quad bike to get all those supplies is necessary. You have vehicles to drive. Supply can provide you medical supplies, but you have a limited time to get those important things.

  • Trial of the Rakyat –

It is a survival-based mission, and it is all about Rakyat, the local people. You can find this mission or activate it by going to the red-colored rocks. No doubt that the trials are forcing you to pass through the waves by taking over the enemy troops, and there is a time limit to look after. You have a fixed set of weapons to use.

  • Wanted Dead –

In this mission, you need to find a pirate commander and take over him by using your machete or any other weapon. There are plenty of weapons, and you can use any to take over the remaining pirates on this island.

These are all the popular missions’ types that keep going in this small but open-world gameplay. To progress and win, you need a strategy, and if you are playing with a team, you have to come up with a tactic, so everything goes in a perfect manner. Winning over the opponent is an easy thing here.


It is always hard to take over the opponent, and if you want to be the best gamer, then you need to be selective with strategy.

Choose your machete and any other silent weapon so that other pirates won’t trigger any alarm for reinforcement. Among all the modes, strategy and staying hidden is the primary goal. It is easy to win over the opponent, and you can earn a higher number of rewards.

We hope that this guidepost covers the essential factors that you must be looking after to reach on a better level and becoming an advanced gamer.

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