A Complete Guide to Far Cry 2 – Hints, Tips & Tricks!

Far Cry 2, a development of Ubisoft Montreal, is published by Ubisoft, and it is quite a popular name in the FPS genre from the past couple of years. It is the second installment and is focused on a third-person perspective, and it brings the true sequel in the same series. There are some noticeable similarities, but you won’t be able to find anything too common.

In this PC title, developers are not putting anything totally similar, but there are new characters, better control over the gameplay, and customization of settings. You are here to explore the African Landscapes and exploring deserts, Savannas, and Jungles. This sequel is taking place in the Central African Nation.

Developers were portraying the civil war time here and tried creating a similar environment to keep this game intense. Due to a such number of intense tweaks and hard to complete missions, taking over the opponent or enemies seem like the hardest job. You need to come up with the perfect strategy, and after that, you are good to go.

To create an effective tactic, you need basic knowledge about every single element added to this game. So, we are here to help you out and learn about the essential mechanics. Let’s follow all the common tips that can boost your overall gaming strategy and take you to a better level. Make sure that you stay selective to eradicate all the issues.

  1. Being in Ceasefire Zone

Developers did a great job putting this game intense, and this creates a hard to play environment. All the zones in this game are ceasefire zones, and there are soldiers that are not going to shoot at you. They might feel safe zone, but you can still find enemies, and if you are trying to survive, then you might have to shoot.

Well, things start going wrong here because you don’t have to shoot in this zone. But, if you want to create chaos, then you need to shoot. Once you press the trigger, the soldiers are against you. In order to avoid such things, try to hide and get out of this zone. This will prevent any kind of chaos, and you can stay on the map for a much longer time period.

  1. Be Ready for Some Action

While you are trying to avoid any chaos with soldiers batting and prevent the zone from any damage, you need to be ready for some action. No doubt it is totally a part of the dog-eat-dog tactic of developers, and if you are choosing the remote path on maps, it would be better to equip all the weapons.

You need armor, helmet, and other necessary gear to play safe. Make sure that you lookout for the patrolling jeep on the map and try to hide. They will consider your enemy, so be ready to shoot at them or hide effectively. If you are at an elevated zone, you definitely get the advantage, but you are also easy to notice.

  1. Keep Checking Map

In this cross-fire game, you have a map to get a better idea of what is going around. It can show you camps of guerrilla as well as a safe zone or houses. If you want to hide, then going to the safe-houses seems like the perfect zone, which can prevent any kind of chaos. You get a better opportunity to take over the enemy here.

When you are not looking for any kind of battle or fight, then try to avoid going near those guerrilla camps. Always stay alert because most of the intersections on this map have camps, and they are ready to eat you up. Once you cross these paths safely, you will learn what to expect. This can boost your overall progression, and it can make you an advanced gamer.

  1. Better to have a look at Weapons

It will be a perfect choice if you keep checking your stock because it let you understand which gun you need the most. Older guns jam most of the time, and it is also the reason that you look after the type of gun you are holding. This is the major reason to consider checking the weapon that you gave.

You can visit the gun dealer regularly and look out for the fresh guns. Getting new and better guns will enhance your overall gameplay, and such weapons are better at aiming opponents. You can rely on their usability an expect plenty of features from the same. You also need to take a close look at how much ammo you have and what more you need.

  1. Use Bullets Wisely

Several times, you can end up getting low on ammo, and it is the major reason behind losing. By avoiding the use of bulletin in all cases and using a knife or other weapon, you can preserve ammo. You can use a handgun to kill enemies that are already injured. It will save you bullets for snipers and a better weapon that you are holding.

Needless to say, getting bullets in higher quantity is hard, and you need to keep on moving so you should be quick when taking over the enemy. Make sure that you don’t leave any enemy because they will start shooting, so kill most of the enemies effectively. This will increase the experience, and you can expect better rewards while playing these games.

The Final Verdict

After following the above-mentioned tips and creating a wise strategy, chances of victory enhances by significant numbers. While playing, you can some high-quality and low-frequency headphones. They can give you better detail of what is going around. It will help you listen to details and upcoming enemies.

We hope that this guidepost will help you reach on a better level and taking over the enemies. Make sure that you choose the nicest strategy and learn about maps more than anything else to boost the overall progression in this game.

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