Euro Truck Simulator 3 – Complete Review, Gameplay and Features!

Euro Truck Simulator is a series in truck simulation genre which is popular for great design, impressive graphics, and plenty of series. Euro Truck Simulator 3 is the third installment in the same series, which is popular for impressive gameplay and long storyline, which can impress you toward the play.

Developers offered the second installment on 19 October 2012. It is the sequel to the first game, which came out in 2008. During the early days, this game has an open world to impress you with the gameplay. If you are playing this game, then you might have seen great simulation, deadliest graphics which are true to life and many other things.

It is surely a single-player game, but you can expect a lot more competitive things which can impress you toward the gameplay. Let’s explore the game.

Learning the Gameplay

Driving through the maps of a unique world with similar roads and realistic simulation, you will never have a feeling that you are playing a game. It seems like a video, and this installment has so many things to appreciate about the same.

This time, you are on the American Maps with some impressive curves, hard to drive roads, challenging tasks, and plenty of quests that can consume plenty of time. You can choose between the desired trucks and roam on the roads of America.

When going through the levels of this game, you will explore new challenges that will test your real driving skills on the road. Plenty of unique challenges and speed-related factors are considered in such challenges which can eat up enough time to progress.

When you reach on the higher levels, you need better simulation, patience, and lots of skills to master the basics of this game. It is absolutely important that you master the gameplay to reach on next level of the game.

Features of Euro Truck Simulator 3

A range of unique features are offered in Euro Truck Simulator 3, and if you want to progress at a faster rate, then you need to learn tips. On the other hand, you can have a look at major features before getting this game. Let’s have a look –

  • Long Wide Maps

One of the most loved features is, all the maps in this game are derived from the real world. Once you begin to explore, you can find maps from many towns. Everything is similar because developers focused on creating a unique map and then conspiring the same in this game. This thing might take a little time, but you can explore some of the great things in this game.

  • True to Life Simulation

Trucks are almost real, and their simulation is also true to life. The reason is, you can find the proper truck interface, engine sound, and many other things. Developers looked into the truck mechanism, how they sound, and what are the common problems to tackle. So, they added everything to give you a real feeling while playing this game.

  • High-End Graphics

Due to the unique interface of this game, you may be expecting something different, but the high-end graphics with realistic gameplay keeps everything true to life. This gives you a better feel of realistic simulation, and trying out all the features will make you obtain plenty of experience related tweaks. This is the major feature which is attracting most of the gamers to try out this game.

  • Number of Truck Options

All the trucks offered in this game are from the real world. These are easy to unlock after reaching on a certain level. You have missions to complete, but the key thing to remember is, each truck has different RPM, different power, and more. When you are choosing a truck, you can look after the stats, which will help you find out the right one. This thing can provide a lot more help when you are doing some of the unique missions in this game.

  • Customization

To give a personal taste to any of the trucks that you like, you can look after the upgrades. Yes, there is a customization feature given here, which help in several manners. The customization seems like an easy choice, that’s why you can consider it. You need to spend the resources wisely to avoid getting into any kind of issue. Once you are done progressing through the levels, you can be the master of this game without any problem.


Needless to say, progression is an important factor in this game, and if you don’t want to face any issue, then you can follow some of the easy to follow tips. Those tips will ease up the work and help you progress at a faster rate, and becoming the best gamer seems like an easy thing.

Tekken 7 In-Depth Gameplay and Storyline Explained!

Developer Bandai Namco Entertainment has the number of impressive developments in the past, and you can find out so many reasons to love their games. Among all of them, the Tekken series has a well-liked name, and it is played around the world by millions of gamers. Among all the installments, Tekken 7 took over the fighting genre due to its gameplay.

There is a range of factors that you are definitely going to love about this game, and among all of them, visuals and graphical performance is pretty interesting. This game look a lot more realistic, and it is working on the Namco System ES3 arcade system. There is a number of characters to choose from, and each one has their own abilities.

Among all the characters, you can find out the favorite one and try out playing with the same for hours. Apparently, there are many other things that can impress you toward the gameplay. If you are willing to try out this game, then the below mentioned are a couple of things that you will love about the gameplay.

The Gameplay of Tekken 7

This time, Bandai Namco Entertainment is offering an outstanding fighting game with similar mechanics but a slight change in the graphical performance. You can find that the fights are much more real, and they can grab your attention with ease.

The plotting is done around new bases, and there is a short storyline to create an emotional connection with characters. It still lacks a proper story mode, but the gameplay got everything for you.

The vivid maps with enemies to fight is the primary thing that you can find out here. The second most important thing is, each character possesses unique skills. Each one unleashes skills based on the looks, muscles, and a few more factors.

While playing with a character, you can find that combination of keys have different abilities and opt for power moves. These deadliest moves consuming more power of opponent and going for a K.O. Seem like an easy thing, and this is the reason that you will love it.

Moreover, if you are not feeling any kind of emotional connection with this game, then you have other things that will make you love the game. Well, we are talking about the modes. During our first try, our impression of the game was mind-boggling.

We are pretty much sure that all the gamers who have tried the previous versions will love this installment also. All the modes are creating a unique storyline, and you can try out each mode to explore more into a single game.

Modes to Try Out

All the versions of Tekken had unique modes, but they were limited. But, you can find out that there is an extra number of modes that you are going to love in most of the cases. After trying out this game, we loved the multiplayer fight mode. Like/dislike is totally a subjective part, but if you try this game, you can find that the below mentioned are some crazy modes to try out. Let’s have a look –

Ranked Matches Online

In this mode, you can find that there are standard fights that allow you to achieve a ranking and creating a score. Gaining rank by victory seems easy, but after every fight, this game keeps on getting harder. The victory chances are totally different in this mode, and you can’t find this mechanism in a ranked mode in the previous installments of Tekken. Here, you are also getting promotion in matches after winning.

Player Matches

Well, Player Matches are similar to ranked matches, and you are battling with other gamers online. But, there is nothing like ranking, and you don’t have to worry about any kind of leaderboard this time. You are battling against the players in lobbies, and you are doing these as quick matches. You can search for open sessions online according to the type, and you are good to go now. This is quite a popular choice, and most of the gamers are loving this mode.

Tournament Matches

No doubt that Tournaments are fun, and in this online tournament, you are battling against people around the world and earning a score. This score takes you above in the list, and the progression is all dependent on how much victories you get. It might take a little time to cut through the competition, but this mode is fun, and you are playing against real gamers. You won’t find any chance of mercy as you can do it with the CPU mode. This time, you have to be serious if you want to win, and it can take lots of effort to take over.

All the modes mentioned above are online ones, and these are mainly to play online. On the other hand, you can find out more than five offline modes which are totally unique, and you are most likely to love those modes. They are fun to play, and you have so many things to explore. Most of the gamers are loving such modes; that’s why you can also try them and become an intense gamer.

Important Tips

Gamers who are trying hard to progress and win can follow the basic tips that can help you become a master. Let’s have a look at some of the essential tips –

  • Build your Defense –

In any game, defense always plays an important role, and if you want to be the best gamer, then it is important that you must take a close look at the enhancement of defense. It is easy to master the defense by knowing the right time to press the block button. When the opponent is coming, and you don’t know what kind of move he got for you, then try to ignore by moving inside directions. But, if you know the move, then dodge and attack. This will be a better and highly reliable choice to go after.

  • Throw Items –

Unlike the previous installments of Tekken, there are so many new things into the game, and you can use them to throw on the opponent. It might be hard to find the right time between a fight, but after a while, you can learn how to take over the opponent by this method. It might be hard in the beginning, but you can master this art of throwing things and going after a K.O. in an easier manner.

  • Combo and Juggle –

If you use combos on the opponent, then chances of letting him gain power reduce, but if you are able to juggle, then the opponent is gone. There is no way that an opponent can take over you. This will come as a reliable choice, and you can follow this tip to become a master.


By following these tips, you can master this game and become an advanced gamer of Tekken 7. There is no doubt that this game is pretty intense, and if you are playing it for a while, then you can figure out that why we loved playing this game where combo attack and juggle is a fun movie. You can easily take over the opponent and harness skills by trying out the online modes.

Grand Theft Auto 4 Gameplay Overview, Storyline and Some Tips!

Grand Theft Auto is the well-liked AAA game series developed by Rockstar Studios, and it is widely played around the world. This game with high-end graphics, unique gameplay, and an impressive storyline keeps everything on track.

GTA 4 is a remarkable development that came out on 29 April 2008 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows. This game won the VGX Award for Best Performance by a Human Male as the remarkable one, and you can still find many more.

This game focuses on three characters and their story of being the gangsters, completing missions, and doing lots of quests. There are so many fun elements added into this open-world game as you can find yourself playing intense shooting missions to fantasy stuff.

Over the past twelve years of its launch date, there is only GTA V only. So, it is not that old game, and there are so many things that can impress you toward the game. The gameplay itself is a lot more pleasing and better for sure.

The Gameplay of GTA IV

Grand Theft Auto IV is totally based on the liberty city and a new living style of each character. It has an open breathing world, which is inspired by the real world and the most popular city –- New York. You are playing this game with a character called Niko Bellic. He is an Eastern European Immigrant.

In the history of GTA, this fourth installment is most popular and loved all around the world for sure. It has a storyline that creates the base of players, and if you haven’t played this game, then it is the right time. The storyline is good enough to look after, and it will make you enjoy the fifth installment of the game.


GTA 4 helped to give a shape to the perfect storyline, which worked well in GTA V, and if you loved playing this game, then you can find so many things that can make you feel that this game came out a century ago.

Nico Bellic has a cellphone with buttons, and it doesn’t have an internet connection. This can create nostalgia, or it can make you feel that you are playing such an old game. But, if you look at other factors, you will love this game over the other ones.

The story starts with Niko’s arrival in liberty city, and then he realist that it is not a dream. In this game, he feels like he is at the bottom of the food chain, and this time, he has to focus on a couple of things to get out of this situation.

Niko got his own elaboration, and he meets with other people. The story continues completing the mission and then learning methods of surviving from other people, police, and completing the mission. He is an immigrant but not that safe because of so many intense and pending missions.

Essential Tips

As mentioned, Niko has so many things to do in this world to survive, and if he doesn’t want to get into any major issue, then the only option has left is to complete missions. As you are controlling the character so you need to follow a couple of tips, which can help in several ways. Let’s learn a few –

  1. Stay Healthy and Eat Food

Even though Niko is a virtual character, developers of the game are investing a lot in detailing, and keeping your character healthy is an essential part to look after. He won’t be able to heal himself, so if he gets any damage while completing a mission, then it will stay the same. You need to do something about it and the possible option to feed him, and you can find hotdog vendors to fulfill the need. You can prefer fast food joints or restaurants. Various foods can help to heal him up.

  1. Staying Equipped with necessary gears

When you are going on the mission, strapping up some essential equipment can help with progression and keeping you healthy. Survival chances enhance in such cases, and you can try out several weapons if you are going strapped. This will help you deal with situations without getting any damage, and most of the gamers consider it. having a baseball or gun can let you handle a situation in an easier manner. That’s why most of the gamers are preferring it. You can rely on the same and get rid of several problems while dealing with situations.

  1. Armor helps a lot

Eventually, you are battling into a mission and spending lots of time trying to win but can’t win; then you might be making mistakes. It would be a better choice to equip an armor so that bullets can’t penetrate into you. By collecting some money and then going to firearms, you can buy armor. Damage from bullet reduces by several times which make it one of the best choice and you can consider it. You can also find it in the city as well as at some random locations. This will be an easier choice.

  1. Keep Exploring for More

To enjoy the gameplay at extreme, it would be a better choice if you explore. The wide map of GTA 4 has so many things to do, and if you explore wisely, you can find stuff to collect, money, weapons, car, and other things that can help. In case the cops are behind, you can try out places that you have explored before. Hiding becomes easier in this open-world map, and you can try out going to all the amazing places. It might take a little time to explore all, but you are definitely going to love this town for sure.

  1. Try to Avoid Cops

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the game but doesn’t want to get Wasted? Well, everyone wants the same, and you know that cops are the enemies. If you try to hide, they will find you, but if you try to avoid going near them, then it will be a better choice. Always look around before doing any crime, which will help you play safe and avoiding most of the problems. All the advance gamers don’t tickle with cops, and it is the major reason that they are able to complete all the missions in a couple of months.


GTA 4 has numerous things to do apart from completing the missions only. You can try out different places, explore the town, and become an advanced gamer. If you are willing to buy this game, then you can follow these tips and master the game without causing any problem with the performance. It is important that you know the base before getting started.

Even playing this game will help you learn about the storyline of the previous modes and GTA V also. So, it is an important game, and it can create your base in the storyline. After completing GTA IV, you will love to play the new installments. There won’t be much difference with the storyline, but you have a lot more to explore this time.

Bus Simulator 18 Review, Tips, Features & Game Modes!

Bus Simulator 18 is a well-liked simulation game in the Bus simulator series by Stillalive Studios and Stillalive Studios GmbH. In this game, you have to experience the life of a bus driver and the complete number of intense missions. This game series has wide maps, a number of obstacles, and plenty of amazing features that are making it one of the popular choices over time.

The series of impressive graphics, realistic visuals, easy to play gameplay and many other quirky features are enhancing the overall fame of this game. From driving on the clean roads to a drivable urban area, you need to try out some intense missions. It can take a little time to master all, but once you focus on all the basic factors, it becomes an easy thing, and progression is based on the strategy.

Apparently, you have plenty of maps to try out, and among all of them, some of the best choices are about the busses you can drive. You can choose between Mercedes-Benz, Setra, MAN, and IVECO BUS. All of them give a realistic visual, and you are definitely going to love this game. There are many other impressive ranges of features that can make you prefer this game. Let’s have a look at some of the essential features.

Key Features of Bus Simulator 18

A range of quirky features are added by the developers this time, and all of them are enhancing the gameplay by several times. If you love playing the previous installments, then the major changes are with the below-mentioned features. Let’s have a look –

  • Better Synchronous mode for multiplayer matches
  • Company management Options
  • A Completely New Progression System
  • Alternative control schemes
  • Plenty of Special in-bus events (passenger misbehaving and road hazards)
  • Day and Night Drives Features for better challenges.
  • Weather Condition to Hardness the Situations.
  • Expanded modding support For new Features
  • This time, the Map is 2.5 times larger from the previous installment.
  • Built using Unreal Engine 4 so you can find improved graphics.

These are some essential features that can make you love this game over the other ones. You can try it out based on the unique gameplay, impressive design. On the other hand, you can find out different modes which are totally unique and creates a better plot that you are definitely going to love this time.

Modes Offered

All the versions of the Bus Simulator have some impressive modes that enhance the quality of the game, and it keeps you interacted with the gameplay. So, if you love playing this game, then you can find out new modes to try out. All the important modes in this game are –

  • Free-Roaming Mode
  • Solo Play Mode
  • Multiplayer Missions
  • Campaign Mode
  • Quests

Moreover, you can find other modes which are slightly different, but they are very challenging. Playing in such modes seems like a tough job, and if you don’t want to end up getting into any issue, then you can start simple modes that are impressive to try out.

Gameplay or Plot of the Game

Although this AAA title is based on the simulation of the bus, there are so many unique things that are worth loving. Once you begin to play this game, you can find that the virtual world of the game is true-to-life and derived from real cities. There are buses dutifully ferry citizens and more to explore.

Blood pumping into the circulatory system can drive you crazy about the game because it seems easy in the beginning, but you can find out so many obstacles here in this game. So many vehicles are running around, and they are always on the track. The best part is, you can’t hit them, and it creates a challenge to drive safely.

Looking around is important so that you don’t collide with any car or another vehicle. On the other hand, you need to be on time, and it requires lots of effort. Most of the time, gamers spend hours mastering this technique, and you can also do it in an easier manner if you follow all the basic tips wisely.

From driving on the roads of London and taking care of passengers’ time, you need to learn the effective simulation. Once you get used to the basics and know that how to drive a truck, it will be an easy thing, but since then, you need to master the basics and enhance the overall gameplay to reach on better levels of the game.

Obstacles like a vehicle, people, running, signals, passengers, and many other things are there to tackle. In many cases, you will be dealing with passengers arguing over something. It might seem easy, but you need to focus on driving as well as take care of passengers at the same time.

Once you get rid of such issues, you have day and night simulation. In the day time, everything is clear, and you get a better view. but, it is not a similar situation with the night mode. You have to drive safely because the visibility is lower, and you need to be in the speed limit at the same time. It can be frustrating, but it is a great way to enjoy the gameplay of this mobile title.

Few Effective Tips

To master this AAA title and to become the best gamer in a short time possible, it would be a better choice if you follow all the important tips. It might be hard in the beginning, but once you follow all the beginner tips, you can master the basics and find a reliable method to progress at a faster rate. Let’s have a look –

  1. Indicate at Stop

When moving down to the road and finding a stop, you need to indicate right. By this, vehicles behind the bus slow down and find their way from the left side of your bus. On the other hand, when you are leading the bus stop, you should indicate toward the left side. By this, you earn a point.

  1. Prefer Perfect Parking

Driving a large bus might be easy, but parking a bus is one of the hardest things, and it requires to focus on several things. You can try parking around the bus stop’s bench, and it is easy to park here due to enough space available. When you are parking, try to park as close as possible. You can see people at the end of the stop, and you can park close to them for perfect parking.

  1. Timing Matters a Lot

To reach on bus stops at the right time, you should drive at adequate speed and do not try things that are not worth experimenting when you are running late. In the best-case scenario, it would be better to aim for 0:45 to – 0:45. This will give you a bonus point for reaching on time, and it is a great choice.


Thus, Bus Simulator 18 is a pretty intense game with numerous things to try out. For perfect gameplay, try learning the basics and then mastering the other aspects of the game.

Deadpool: The Game Overview, First Impression, Features & More!

Deadpool, a superhero character who doesn’t need an introduction, has been the love of every youngster with amazing abilities, funny nature and more. Who doesn’t love the marvel universe and their fictional characters? Probably a DC fan. Leaving pity jokes apart, Marvel harnessed great popularity, and game developers can take series advantage of same.

Deadpool the Game is a development of Deadpool The Game based on Unreal Engine came out on 25 June 2013. This game is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 3. The intense popularity of this AAA title is based on several aspects, and the storyline is making it better from others.

First Impression

While booting Deadpool the game on PC gives a great graphical performance, and it has all the amazing graphical things to enhance the gameplay. It seems like a true-to-life game with impressive visuals and mesmerizing development of the whole plot. When this game launches, it gives an introduction of Activision.

Apparently, you can find tutorial or storyteller mode everywhere in this game to make everything highly interactive. It is a battle between good and bad; you have Deadpool and his skills to prevent this world from getting doomed. Introduction of everything enhances the looks, which can make you love this game.


Apart from the availability of this single-player game on several platforms, it has many other unique features to impress you. Everything is quirky and developed in a manner that you are definitely going to love the same.

  • It is a third-person action shooter game developed with mechanics which enhances the overall view. The camera angle is giving a slightly shifted view which can make you love playing this game.
  • High-end graphics are easy to expect from this game, and you can run it in full HD and get all the advantages. There are so many things that you are going to love while playing this game.
  • There are other characters from the same Marvel universe are added into this. You can find X-men and other characters which enhances the overall gameplay, lets you choose a tactic and play being in a team.
  • So many unique moves are given in this game, allowing Deadpool to try out combos, powerful attacks and more. When you are playing, you need to be selective about this factor.
  • You can unlock a couple of weapons, and among all of them, you can find guns, katanas, explosives and duct tape. Everything seems impressive, and you will love the gameplay for sure.
  • A large map with plenty of missions that can make you try different modes and explore so many things. It might be hard, but you are definitely going to love this gameplay in several manners.
  • Modes are enhancing the gameplay, and when you are trying to progress through the campaign mode, you will love everything about this PC title. Make sure that you stay selective when progressing.

These are all the essential features that can make you love playing Deadpool over any other game. One of the best things about Deadpool is, the storyline is interactive, and you can find him cracking jokes. This will be a fun thing for all the Deadpool fans.

Some Important Tips

When you are playing Deadpool the game, you can follow plenty of tips and master this game without any problem. You need to make sure that you follow all the tips wisely and the chances of facing issues reduce here.

  • Choose the right weapon and harness your skills while using a particular weapon. There are katanas and guns as a common weapon. When using these, stay careful and learn to aim effectively.
  • Using explosive is risky, and there are many buildings which are fragile. When you use explosive, you need to maintain a safe distance and consider if there is any refugee around or not.
  • If you want to open a gate, then you can shoot through the gate, and it will be an effective choice that you can take into consideration. The best place is to shoot at the red box, and it will open the gate quite easily. There is no need of wasting time anymore.
  • When you are defeating enemies and progressing toward a better direction, you can consider moving to the painters’ lift on the outside of the building. This will help you jump faster and defeat a higher number of enemies with ease.

These are some basic tips which can help the beginners of Deadpool the game and help them progress effectively.


Deadpool the game is totally a fun choice to play in 2020, and if you want to try out all the fun elements, then you must not avoid going after the above-mentioned tips for better gameplay.

Metro Exodus Gameplay Explained, Highlights & Review!

In the FPS genre, Metro Exodus is a pretty remarkable name for its unique gameplay. 4A Games, the developer, did a great job putting some quirky features in this instalment of Metro video game series. Despite the first-person shooting gameplay, you have numerous things to explore whole progressing through the intense levels.

This game is totally based on Dmitry Glukhoysky’s novel, and it follows the event of Metro 2033 as well as the Metro: Last Light. Considering the intense design, you can find that there are positive reviews from the critics. Developers launched this game on 19 November 2019 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Stadia.

All these amazing things about the game enhances the overall popularity, and it can make you try out something that you have never before. While progressing, you will find much more than playing a simple FPS game. It has a unique storyline that enhances the overall gameplay here.

Gameplay Explained

While playing Metro Exodus, you will find that it has an FPS gameplay and it is totally a survival horror game. There are stealth elements to make you feel curious about what is coming ahead. This game is totally plotted in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The focus in on the former Russian Federation and all the gamers have to cope-up with everything going around hazards.

On the other hand, you will be engaging in combat as well as battling against the mutated creatures, which can make you try out the intense gameplay in a totally unique manner. You can find hostile humans, and there is player wields for arsenal, and you can choose between a range of hand-made weaponry which can make everything intense and hard to progress.

You also have the crafting system for survival purpose. When playing through the different locations, you can find a mixture of linear levels like a campaign mode. There is a sandbox environment which makes everything unique and hard to progress. During the story progression, you have so many things to try out, and it can enhance the overall gameplay for sure.

It might be hard to progress through such an intense environment, but if you want slight assistance, you can follow a couple of essential tips which can make everything easier. It will be easy if you look out all the basic tips for a faster progression and earning a genuine number of virtual currencies in this game.

Highlights (Key Features)

A range of quirky features is making this game intense and hard to progress. The key features that we loved about this game are –

  • Intense Journey in Long Map

The maps in this game are very long and hard to progress for sure. You can embark the journey by Boarding from the Aurora and then going after the heavily modified steam.

  • Sandbox Survival

Even though it is an intense mission game, there are things that you are definitely going to love. The primary feature that you might find is, it has a sandbox survival gameplay.

  • Hostile World

You are into the hostile world, and it is beautifully created by the developers to scare gamers but keep them curious to explore. You can find Russian Wilderness, and there are stunning day and night cycle here.

  • Combat

You will be tackling with the deadliest combat and stealth, which are wild and hard to progress. By creating some of the effective strategies and choosing your own playing style, it would be an easy choice to progress at a faster rate in this intense game.

  • Game of Choice

You will be finding yourself in some of the worst situations, and everything is dependent on the choices that you make. Each choice takes you to a different ending, and it keeps you interacting with several crucial stuff.

Few Important tips

Metro Exodus might be hard to play the game, and if you don’t want to get into any issue while playing this game, it would be a better choice, you follow all the basic tips which are mentioned below. Let’s have a look –

  • By checking your journal time to time, you can get updates about the stuff going all around. This is an easy method, that’s why you can look after the same.
  • Binoculars can help you scan point of interests from a far distance. It is usually the most reliable option, and you can find several advantages from the consideration of the same.
  • Craft Compass because it will help you toward a better progression and it will help you know which direction to move. By moving in the right direction, you get better speed for progression, and it is helpful in several manners.
  • Don’t kill everyone that comes toward you because it will be a bad choice in several manners. You can find that everyone is not an enemy, and some are there to offer you progression tips. If you kill them, you need to figure out the right way.
  • Early upgrades are helpful, going from one level to another in an easier manner. Most of the time, gamers don’t know which direction to move, but if you consider the same, it will be an easier choice.

These are some essential tips for the beginner of Metro Exodus. When you are playing this game, you need to be selective to avoid getting into any kind of issue. Make sure that you create a wise tactic to avoid getting into any problem.

So, What’s The Final verdict?

No doubt that Metro Exodus is a unique game with plenty of things to explore. This game is plotted in 2033, and you will be moving through the wild maps. When progressing, you need to be selective to avoid getting into any problem related to the lack of ammo, weapon and guidance. Make sure that you pay attention to detailing or decoration because most of the hints are in those areas and they can help in several manners.

Grand Theft Auto 3 Review, Gameplay and Features to Know!

Grand Theft Auto III development in the action-adventure genre has been the most popular AAA title for PC and gaming consoles in 2001. This development of DMA design which was published by Rockstar games, hit the shelves of gaming stores in 2001 and sold all the copies overnight.

This was the fifth title in the same series of GTA, and this game was plotted in Liberty City. The storyline follows a criminal named Claude as he was left for dead and he finds himself at the bottom of the food chain. Quickly after getting involved in the town, he gets into the world of gangs and follows plenty of crimes. It is also about corruption.

As you will be playing this game, you will be getting third-person perspective, and this world is totally navigated on vehicle or foot. This has an open world, and if you have played the previous instalments, then there is no need for further explanation for sure. This development let you roam in three different islands offered in this game.

The maps are pretty wide, and you have lots of things to explore here. During your journey of playing in this game, you have numerous missions to explore, and you are also learning about the storyline going around. It can make you love the gameplay and get intense fun while playing this game. There are numerous things to explore in this game.

While playing through the intense missions of this game, you can find an intense storyline that can take lots of time to explore completely.

A Complete go Through of Gameplay

As this game is played into the third-person perspective, they complete missions and most of them are linear scenarios along with a set of objectives to take over. Completing missions help to progress through the story and learning more about the gameplay offered by the developers in this PC title.

Several amazing action missions are offered in this game, and outside of the mission, you have the option to explore three islands. There are plenty of things to do, but one of the best things is to steal cars and wander on roads. You have such long maps to explore the town, and if you don’t want to, then you can opt for impressive missions.

Once you begin to explore all the missions, the way to other towns unlocks after that, and it can take lots of time completing a range of missions. You need to be selective while progressing through the missions because you need to focus on earning money and looking after health. You are also earning respect, driving skills and other qualities.

The best part is, the player can run, use vehicles, get a weapon and roam on the streets of liberty city. While playing missions, you need better control over the character, following the storyline and checking out all the objectives. When you play wisely, you earn money, and it can be spent on several things.

The common use of money is to get a weapon and home. Needless to mention that a home doesn’t have any use in a virtual game, but in this game, you have a purpose. To save your progression, you can unlock better homes, and you can get whatever you want. This is an easy method, and you can find it a highly reliable choice.

Players of the game need to control Claude and then look after getting all the essential things for the character. Once you begin to progress and unlock some of the best stuff, you are saving the progression. You can get vehicles and take them to the garage. After that, save the progression, and it will be an easier choice if you want to progress effectively.

All the Impressive Features to Explore

Over the past two decades, GTA series is using almost similar features with a huge improvement in all of them. If you are playing this game, then you can find many to check out, but the best ones who can help you in several manners are –

  • Realistic Gameplay

To make everything true-to-life, developers did a great job of putting some of the similar features to the world. From the walk, run, drive to the world, everything seems real, which can enhance the overall fun playing this game.

  • Health bar

Even you are playing from a third-person perspective, you can find a health bar, and this emotional roller coaster is a lot more fun to explore. The health condition matters a lot when exploring this game, and you will find so many things to try out.

  • Clothes and Home

You can buy clothes, home and change whatever you own. From getting some of the best class clothes to trying out the different range of stuff like Jewellery, haircut, tattoo and many other options are available in this game. All these things can make you explore a lot more than what you have been trying so far.

  • Vehicles

You can check out cars, bikes, trucks, helicopter, and much more in this game. All of them have different speed, sound and radio option. When playing these games, you can explore better cars by stoppings them and pulling them out. There is nothing to worry about fueling or more.

  • Range of Missions

Every location has its own mission, and when you drive to a particular spot and choose a mission, you are about to unlock more. As you complete one mission, a range of other missions open up. Completing all the missions seems like fun to do.

  • Police

There is a cops system in which if you commit a crime when a policeman is near; you will get a star shining on the upper right corner. It tells you that cops are behind and you need to hide or run for a couple of minutes. By not going close to the police or collecting star from particular locations, you can get rid of cops.

  • Wide Map

As mentioned before, this game has a pretty wide map, and there are plenty of things to explore while progressing through all the levels. When you are trying out the mesmerizing maps, you are most likely to collect stuff. By killing people, you can get a decent amount of money and use that to buy a home, weapon and other stuff. It is the primary and most loved feature here.

  • Cheats

You can use specific commands from the PC or gaming consoles to activate cheats. All those cheats let you enhance the overall gameplay and keep on progressing at a better range. It let you explore way more stuff than you have ever done before.

These are a bunch of impressive features that you can explore while playing through the different levels of GTA 3. You are most likely to enjoy the graphical interface here, and everything looks stunning good even in such old development.


GTA III is a lot more about roaming in the town of liberty city and exploring a range of missions. By playing for hours on a daily basis, you can end all the missions in almost one month. There are amazing missions, and they are making everything interactive, that’s why you can try out all the quirky features here.

Marvel’s Spiderman Complete Overview, Gamplay and Features!

Marvel’s Spider-Man is a widely popular fictional character who has abilities of a spider-like climbing on the wall, throwing spider web and more. Over the past several years, spider man wasn’t the character of fame, but his abilities never fade to amaze us. Due to this, several game developers had their approach to develop intense AAA titles for the video game category.

Insomniac Games developed several amazing games on the same character. Marvel’s Spider-man is a 2018 development in the action-adventure genre by the same studio, and it is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This superhero character based on Marvel Comics made millions of gamers to hit the download button on the very first day of launch.

This game is based on missions and completing each mission unlocks the storyline, which let you explore more while playing this game. Eventually, the story of this game is based on New York’s Criminal underworld and taking down every wrong activity to save this town. He has to protect the town while dealing with many personal issues.

You might have the idea that Peter Parker was the first spider-man and Insomniac Games has the license to the first character of this series. So, you are here exploring the old stories with a new style. Developers added some quirky features, true-to-life graphics and many more things to make you fell in love with this gameplay.

Developers kept a third-person perspective to enhance the quirky feel and make you find everything eye-catchy. It might be hard in the beginning, but you have lots of things to explore while playing this game.

Getting into The Intense Gameplay

Spider-Man is an open-world game plotted on action-adventure style in Manhattan but the fictionalized version of the whole town. It is the modern-day New York City. Due to the third-person perspective, you are getting a wide view of everything going around, and you can get better control over everything. This game is showing the playable character.

You have the feature to adjust the camera, change angle and much more while going through the missions or trying out the open-world gameplay. You can navigate through the town by jumping and using the web shooter. Spider-man through web and let you try out unique gameplay every single time.

You can through webs between the cities and run on walls. Even though you haven’t played this game before, you are more likely to engage with the gameplay quite easily and enjoy the mesmerizing gameplay with ease. Even, you can automatically vault over upcoming obstacles in the way. There is nothing to worry about precision when jumping over the buildings.

The ability to swing and to reach one place to another in a short time, you have intense missions that are quite impressive to explore. Meanwhile, you have the option to skip missions and explore all the abilities of Spidey. There are combat-related features added, and you can use them to strike, take control over the opponent and focus on a number of things.

While progressing, you can enhance some of the specific abilities like the ability to move faster, throwing long webs and trapping enemies with ease. You are fighting with robbers, expert scientists and hard to beat creatures. The ability to explore the town in your different way enhances the overall gameplay, and you will find plenty of things to enjoy while playing this game.

On the other hand, if you are looking at the combat options, there are a total of three moves. One to dodge, second to strike physically and the third one for web-based attacks. All these features are easy to explore, and you will get better control while playing this game and keep on moving forward. You can also go for web-cocoon and prevent death in several situations.

Learning about the such number of abilities might make you think that what’s the major problem winning? Well, timing is everything because if you don’t do anything in a precise manner, then you will lose. You need to harness this skill to keep on getting better and taking over the opponent.

Features to Explore

Even though this game is totally based on jumping from building to building, you can find other features. The quirky features which make this game unique and better to consider over the other ones are –

  1. Experience Spidey

Spider-Man is one of the most popular characters, and he has some amazing skills. You can find that there is a huge fan base and if you want to experience such amazing character and exploring all his abilities, then you are trying out the best game. There are more into the same, which can make you love playing with spiderman.

  1. Follow Original Storyline

Spiderman has plenty of stories in movies, but if you play this game, you are trying out totally an amazing story. This will be unique, and you can explore plenty of things like you have a world of superheroes and villains, whereas you need to manage a normal life. There are two different kinds of lifestyle to explore while playing this game.

  1. Open World to Explore

This time, you are trying out the open-world gameplay, and there are features like the ability to roam around the city and play plenty of things. You can look after features like a costume change, ability to roam in the free world and try out plenty of things. Each one is making you get into the intense battle and try out amazing gameplay for sure.

  1. Dynamic World

In this game, NPCs responds to make Spiderman travels through the world. The mechanics are totally dynamic, and they will give you a feel of trying out better missions, there are plenty of ways to travel. You need to keep on throwing the web and save yourself from falling. It might be time-consuming to learn, but the interface is very simple, which can make you feel in love with the gameplay and enjoy this intense mission game for sure.

  1. Weather

To make this game typical, you can find different weather condition. When throwing web during the rain, you are less likely to aim the right place. So, you need to understand the mechanism and how it is working throughout the game. Once you learn how everything works, you can progress toward a better direction with ease.

  1. Mission in the town

While exploring the town in this game, you will find plenty of missions to explore, and each one has a unique storyline. When you complete a mission, you are taken to the next mission, and you are also learning about the storyline. There are a few restrictions which don’t let you explore the next part before you complete the first one.


After progressing through the intense missions, you will find a number of things to do. This game is pretty large, and there are things that can take a little time to explore. While going through the missions, you need to be selective, and you can try out some unique playing style to go well. Meanwhile, you can harness the controls and learn about setting the right camera angle for better gameplay.

Farming Simulator 19 Review, Gameplay, Game Modes & More!

Farming Simulator series had a resounding success during the early days of launch, and you can find that there is a number of instalments. Despite the simulator series and keeping it realistic, developers are focusing on teaching the way to farm, increasing growth of farms and improving overall assets.

Farming Simulator 19 is a well-liked game, and it is widely played all around the world due to intense gameplay and features. The first presentation of the game was in 2008, and since then there are plenty of instalments. Giants Software, the developer, created a real-to-life and interactive gameplay that you are going to cherish.

The whole setup of the map is done in American and European environment. People from outside of these places can find something unique here. Well, the farms are unique, and there are lots of machinery to learn about. Taking the right approach is playing an important role, and if you want to be the best gamer, then you need to come up with the finest strategy to take over all the issues.

You need to focus on Farms, selling assets from the grown crops and looking after the breed livestock. It can get pretty hard while progressing but you will love the gameplay here. There are many other things that are worth cherishing. This game came out on November 20, 2018. Many new instalments came after that, but this one is slightly advanced and loved all around. There are some amazing features which make it unique.

The key features are included for better graphical performance, and a new graphic engine is used in this development, so you will find it slightly better from the 18th instalment. Gamers are here to look after the horse farming, feeding oats, and looking after the cotton crops. This time, developers are featuring John Deere machinery, and it is the first time they are doing it with this game.

Our review about the gameplay is positive and quite heartwarming, considering the gameplay and interactive features. The graphical performance is really high this time, and you can run this game at quite high graphical settings without getting a lag due to the new graphical engine in this version.

Gameplay – A Close Look

As we talked about the design and features, you can find new elements added to this game. Primarily, you have better tractors here and a number of maps to try out the farms. A number of farms are offered to gamers, and they are unique at this time. Ability to drive machinery and selling crop is quite a normal feature with the old version.

Due to the add up of new farms, you are getting the ability to try a new type of crops. You can look after the animals, breeding them and selling crops to enhance the overall growth. Building asset is playing an important role here, and you have plenty of features to add up into the same, and it can enhance the overall gameplay and make you love the gameplay.

Developers are offering franchise for the most extensive and loved vehicles so this game is running at a roller coaster speed and you have lots of things to explore this time. The new American and European environment is making the gameplay pretty hard, and you are most likely to love the gameplay here.

The add up of new mechanics and features making the gameplay pretty hard. You can try out the tractor, and there is machinery from John Deere. One more thing worth mentioning, there are horses to ride and look at the vast number of farms. It became easier to explore the world and look at some cool things that you haven’t been able to explore.

Sound effects and music design is totally new this time, and you are most likely to love the sound design, which will help with the gameplay. Apparently, the unique approach is widely loved around the globe, and if you want to explore the true-world, then this game has a lot to try out in the countryside of America and Europe.

New Features from The Giants Software

By adding plenty of new features for a better design and extensive gameplay, players can explore the farming world in a better manner. Putting all the features, in short, might be hard because there is a huge number of them. Due to this, we made a list of important features that you are going to love about this game. Let’s have a look at all of them –

  • Franchise – The big head here with the new instalment is farming simulator franchise, and it is providing some of the immersive and striking graphics in this game. You might have never experienced such great graphics in a simulator game.
  • New Vehicle – Old machinery is removed, and you have faithfully reproduced vehicles which are going to help with farming. You can find new and intense number of tools with the largest agriculture machinery company. Yes, there is a John Deere tractor, and other machinery to try out this time.
  • Build Assets – In the race of building assets, you have similar things from the previous versions. Focus on livestock and grow your assets from pigs, sheep, cows, chicken and horse also. You might have noticed that horse is first time added into this game.
  • New Mechanics – Instead of approaching all your vehicles in an old manner, you are using all of them with new mechanic gameplay. They are helping with the gameplay and most of the features about changing the gaming experience this time. You can create an online community and look after the range of most loved gameplay-related features.
  • Try New Perspective – Instead of driving machinery, you can try out riding a horse, and you can explore vast areas in this large map. It is totally an open world map, and there are so many farming activities to look after.
  • Better Graphics – With the implementation of a new graphical engine, you are getting better graphics here, and all those are going to make you try some cool features here. The gameplay keeps on getting better and highly impressive.
  • Multiplayer Mode – In the online modes, you can try out developing amazing farms, and there are 16 players on a map. You can look at others and enrich farming experience in quite an easier manner. There are community-created mods also that are making the gameplay unique for consoles and PC gamers.

These are all the major features that you can explore in this new title, and most of the gamers are loving it. While progressing through the different modes, you will be trying out something cool. Make sure that you go through some other modes of the game. They are enhancing the gameplay quite intensively, and you are going to love the gameplay.


Despite the unique gameplay, the intense number of features are making the gameplay pretty wild. Making progression through the modes and earning enough number of resources might be hard; that’s why you should not avoid skipping the tutorial. On the other hand, try out all the modes so that your gameplay becomes intense and better.

A Complete Guide to Far Cry 2 – Hints, Tips & Tricks!

Far Cry 2, a development of Ubisoft Montreal, is published by Ubisoft, and it is quite a popular name in the FPS genre from the past couple of years. It is the second installment and is focused on a third-person perspective, and it brings the true sequel in the same series. There are some noticeable similarities, but you won’t be able to find anything too common.

In this PC title, developers are not putting anything totally similar, but there are new characters, better control over the gameplay, and customization of settings. You are here to explore the African Landscapes and exploring deserts, Savannas, and Jungles. This sequel is taking place in the Central African Nation.

Developers were portraying the civil war time here and tried creating a similar environment to keep this game intense. Due to a such number of intense tweaks and hard to complete missions, taking over the opponent or enemies seem like the hardest job. You need to come up with the perfect strategy, and after that, you are good to go.

To create an effective tactic, you need basic knowledge about every single element added to this game. So, we are here to help you out and learn about the essential mechanics. Let’s follow all the common tips that can boost your overall gaming strategy and take you to a better level. Make sure that you stay selective to eradicate all the issues.

  1. Being in Ceasefire Zone

Developers did a great job putting this game intense, and this creates a hard to play environment. All the zones in this game are ceasefire zones, and there are soldiers that are not going to shoot at you. They might feel safe zone, but you can still find enemies, and if you are trying to survive, then you might have to shoot.

Well, things start going wrong here because you don’t have to shoot in this zone. But, if you want to create chaos, then you need to shoot. Once you press the trigger, the soldiers are against you. In order to avoid such things, try to hide and get out of this zone. This will prevent any kind of chaos, and you can stay on the map for a much longer time period.

  1. Be Ready for Some Action

While you are trying to avoid any chaos with soldiers batting and prevent the zone from any damage, you need to be ready for some action. No doubt it is totally a part of the dog-eat-dog tactic of developers, and if you are choosing the remote path on maps, it would be better to equip all the weapons.

You need armor, helmet, and other necessary gear to play safe. Make sure that you lookout for the patrolling jeep on the map and try to hide. They will consider your enemy, so be ready to shoot at them or hide effectively. If you are at an elevated zone, you definitely get the advantage, but you are also easy to notice.

  1. Keep Checking Map

In this cross-fire game, you have a map to get a better idea of what is going around. It can show you camps of guerrilla as well as a safe zone or houses. If you want to hide, then going to the safe-houses seems like the perfect zone, which can prevent any kind of chaos. You get a better opportunity to take over the enemy here.

When you are not looking for any kind of battle or fight, then try to avoid going near those guerrilla camps. Always stay alert because most of the intersections on this map have camps, and they are ready to eat you up. Once you cross these paths safely, you will learn what to expect. This can boost your overall progression, and it can make you an advanced gamer.

  1. Better to have a look at Weapons

It will be a perfect choice if you keep checking your stock because it let you understand which gun you need the most. Older guns jam most of the time, and it is also the reason that you look after the type of gun you are holding. This is the major reason to consider checking the weapon that you gave.

You can visit the gun dealer regularly and look out for the fresh guns. Getting new and better guns will enhance your overall gameplay, and such weapons are better at aiming opponents. You can rely on their usability an expect plenty of features from the same. You also need to take a close look at how much ammo you have and what more you need.

  1. Use Bullets Wisely

Several times, you can end up getting low on ammo, and it is the major reason behind losing. By avoiding the use of bulletin in all cases and using a knife or other weapon, you can preserve ammo. You can use a handgun to kill enemies that are already injured. It will save you bullets for snipers and a better weapon that you are holding.

Needless to say, getting bullets in higher quantity is hard, and you need to keep on moving so you should be quick when taking over the enemy. Make sure that you don’t leave any enemy because they will start shooting, so kill most of the enemies effectively. This will increase the experience, and you can expect better rewards while playing these games.

The Final Verdict

After following the above-mentioned tips and creating a wise strategy, chances of victory enhances by significant numbers. While playing, you can some high-quality and low-frequency headphones. They can give you better detail of what is going around. It will help you listen to details and upcoming enemies.

We hope that this guidepost will help you reach on a better level and taking over the enemies. Make sure that you choose the nicest strategy and learn about maps more than anything else to boost the overall progression in this game.