Battlefield 5 Overview, Gameplay, Storyline and Game Modes!

Battlefield series is a development of EA Dice with plenty of installments in same. Among all of the Battlefield 5 is a remarkable development with a range of unique features, and you are going to love this game based on all the things offered by developers.

It is the sixth instalment, and it was released all around the world for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows on November 20, 2018. Every gamer who has pre-ordered it will enjoy the deluxe version of the same. This pre-order version came out on November 15, right five days ago from the official date of release. This game is completely based on the WW II (world war II) as well as it has thermotic continuation about World War I.

Apart from the intense gameplay, the deluxe version also contains the reception of mixed and announcement trailer causing backlash. Just after the release, the reviews were totally favorable, and till this date of writing this post, the reviews are slightly mixed, yet more in the positive category.

The reason to praise this game is its gameplay, but the only issue that you might find is a shortage of content during the launch, and it shows a lack of innovation in such an intense game. Till the end of 2018, the publisher sold around 7.3 million copies of the same. It was still a commercial disappointment for EA even after such a remarkable sale.

Gameplay Explained

Into the Battlefield V, you have a range of stuff to look after, and if you are willing to try the extensively third-party features, then you are definitely going to love the gameplay. You have numerous party-based features, and the mechanics are quite simple. The one thing that every gamer loves is a scarcity of the resources which make this game quite intense and one of the unique choice.

You can find features related to the player’s customization, and there are many elements which are increasing the realism here. The expanded focus on character and customization of the looks makes it quite an interactive choice. You can easily find out the new company system here, and you can try out creating a number of custom characters. You can try out cosmetics and plenty of weapon options here.

You can use the currency to get new characters, and there are in-game objectives to try out. You can spend real money to buy the virtual currency, and it is also easy to earn by completing the objectives which can enhance the overall gameplay. Apparently, the multiplayer modes with the continuous campaign mode add glory to the whole gameplay.

The most loved feature or mode is Firestorm and the Grand Operations. While progressing through the intense levels and trying out new stuff, you will tackle to same features that you can easily find in the Battlefield 1. So, they are keeping the game quite natural and a look-alike of the original version which came out a couple of years ago.

While playing through the grand operation mode, you have plenty of rounds with a range of objectives to look after for sure. All the missions take you to the final day, and it ends with some close margin of victory. All the matches are going to culminate with the day called “Final Stand.” To enhance the intenseness of this AAA title, developers continuously shrink the map to make you last man standing among others.

In the first version of this game, you can find so many war stories in the single-player mode and all of them were based on World War II. Still, the developers are featuring common modes like cooperative mode, and the same mode is called Combined Arms in the third version of a similar game. You can create a team of four players and prefer to undergo a mission to try out intense gaming skills and progressing through levels.

While trying out all the modes and the gameplay, you have other pillars like the destruction of the town, opting for a team play, driving vehicles, running, jumping and creating a new strategy. You can also interact with other gamers to drive through the modes and completing all the interesting missions. All these modes are going to make you love the gameplay and enjoy some new stuff here.

Modes Offered

Developers are putting plenty of modes in this Battlefield 5 game, and all of them are about team play and opting for the multiplayer feature. However, you can play in solo modes. All the modes help you earn experience, enhance the overall strategy and keep on getting better with time. If you want to be a professional gamer, then you need to be selective and look after several essential factors. Let’s have a look at all the modes offered in this game –

  • Outpost Mode – It is a time-limited mode where you capture and defend on the map. Upgrading radio towers to make the calls for enough recruits plays an important role to win in this mode.
  • Combined Arms – The second mode is a fast-paced and an 8vs.8 option where taking on the conquest on maps of Rotterdam, arras and hamada map is everything you need to complete. You also need to capture as well as hold flags to deplete over enemies.
  • Airborne – here you use a parachute to get on the battlefield and the Spreadhead for the incoming invasion. Battling with enemies and taking over their abilities plays an important role here.
  • Breakthrough – Here, you can find that battle to control and taking over the vital sector will be the primary attack here. You can push enemies by using defend and take over the opponent.
  • Conquest – Here, you will be fighting for the key location and surviving on the map. It is hard because of there are almost 64 live players, and this is a classic battle, and it is hard to conquer.
  • Domination – This mode is all about encountering a higher number of enemies and keeping up to the fast-paced mission with infantry based combat is essential here. You are taking close quarters to win over the opponent team.
  • Team deathmatch – The most liked mode in this game is team deathmatch, where you use the finest strategy with a number of players. You are here with a team, so the survival is totally based on the team players you have.
  • Practice Range – To try out something new or harness your overall strategy, you can try out the practice range. You have plenty of elements which can teach you the method to shoot, create strategy and more. You need to enhance the overall skills to get better.

These are all the common modes that you can find. There are many others, but these are widely played by most of the gamers, and you can try out these unique modes. Make sure that you come up with a strategy to progress through all the modes.


It is hard to progress until you have a genuine strategy and if you focus on some of the finest strategies, taking over all the modes of this game seems like an easy job. Always learn the basics from the tutorial and check out some Battlefield V tips to enhance your overall skills and becoming an advanced gamer in a short period.

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